• Key Albums in the Development of my Taste

    14 Jun 2013, 21:52 by fduniho

    In a journal article called Development of my Taste in Music, I am giving a long, meandering autobiographical account of how my taste in music developed. Here I'm going to just highlight the main albums that shaped my tastes, or where I'm not sure what the exact album was, are representative of the direction my taste was taking. To the best of my ability, I will list albums in the order that I first listened to them. For some classical music, I will list a different recording, because the original vinyl is not available on Last.fm, or I just don't remember what it was. This is a work in progress, and gaps may be filled in as time goes on. It is fairly lengthy, but if you're short on time, you can just look over the album covers.


    This is not my first recording of Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite, but it is the one I later bought on CD. …
  • Analysis of my Taste in Music

    10 Jun 2013, 21:34 by fduniho

    The sidebar in my profile gives a brief synopsis of my taste in music, but it doesn't explain anything in detail. First, I usually listen to music to accompany other activities rather than setting aside periods of time to just listen to music. So, one of the most important factors affecting what I listen to is what I'm doing. I commonly listen to music while writing, reading, working, and exercising. For reading, I like to listen to music that helps me focus. For focusing, I often prefer instrumental music, though music with lyrics is fine as long as my attention isn't drawn to them too much. A steady rhythm, such as found in or , often helps me focus, but when I'm already focused and just need to avoid distractions, ambient music can be best. For writing, working, and exercising, I often enjoy something that helps me move. In general, much of the music I listen to has to be good for focusing and moving. Other factors that are important to me are intellectual interest, emotional appeal…
  • Artists I' ve seen live, part two.

    26 Feb 2007, 16:29 by rtreynor

    I went to a lot of concerts in my early 20s. I'm going to try to recall most of them here, as well as every other one I can think of. I already documented who I saw at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concert, so this will be everyone else I can recall. Some opening acts will be listed, some not - it depends on 1) if I remember who the opener was, and 2) whether I cared.

    I went to two Endfests in the 90's. They were alternative music festivals hosted by a local radio station (WENZ) in Cleveland. One was at the Geauga County Fairgrounds in 1994, and one at Blossom Music Center in 1993. I wish I could recall all of the bands at each...but here's what I recall from those:
    The Jayhawks, Violent Femmes, L7, Gigolo Aunts, Candlebox, The Clarks, The Odds, Tears for Fears, Jellyfish.
    Both concerts were about 8 hours long, so I'm sure I'm missing some bands that I've later heard of....I think Sarah McLachlan may have been at the 1993 concert.

  • Concerts, Gothenburg Fall 2006

    25 Aug 2006, 18:09 by Pontemonti

    Wow. I thought the last.fm redesign was supposed to make it more user-friendly. Well, they succeeded in some parts, but failed horribly in others. It's now even more confusing and hard to post a journal entry. After looking around for 10 minutes I finally found it tucked away on my user page, which I thought was supposed to be for my friends/visitors and not really for me (I mean, what's the point of the dashboard if I have to go to my own page anyway?).

    With that said, here's a list of shows in Gothenburg this fall. Please tell me if you know of, or find out about, other interesting shows.

    Fri. Sept. 8: David & The Citizens. Pusterviksbaren. ticnet. 100kr.
    Sat. Sept. 9: Susanna and the Magical Orchestra. Nefertiti. ticnet. 120kr.
    Sat. Sept. 9: Slagsmålsklubben. Chalmers Kårhus. ticnet. 120kr.
    Fri. Sept. 15: Oddjob. Nefertiti. ticnet. 160kr.
    Fri. Sept. 15: A Tribute to Pink Floyd. Storan. ticnet. 240kr.
    Fri. Sept. 15: Universal Poplab. Sticky Fingers. ticnet. 100kr.
  • move along, nothing to see here

    13 Jul 2006, 05:02 by AdriaNnLA

    I should call this my extended personal recommended list.

    The sole purpose of this journal entry is to store a handful of artists / albums / tracks which have been recommended to me or that I've stumbled across and would like to review.

    These may have been personally recommended to me from friends, neighbors or fellow group members. They also come from similar artists (on a liked artist page), something I heard on my launchcast radio station, etc.

    Only at the time of their addition to this list they are not yet streamable on last.fm

    This clutters up my recommended lists with "useless" entries, yet I don't want to just purge and lose them.

    So until last.fm implements a bookmark or fans list we can maintain in our dashboard, I'll be storing them here.

    And if I'm not mistaken (hopefully) little green or gold play buttons will alert me to newly streamable content - woot!

    Once I realize an artist listed here is streamable on last. …