• things i don't like about my top 20

    7 Aug 2010, 00:04 by beastie_clyro

    There was nothing to do at work today, so I decided to do this! All scrobbles correct as of 11pm, August 6th. (I totally stole this idea from xShadow1 too, so thanks!)

    Biffy Clyro (2,558)
    I would love them even more than I do now if they'd never released Puzzle. I'd rather they stopped making music altogether after putting out the Only One Word Comes to Mind single and b-sides. I'd sacrifice never having heard Living Is A Problem Because Everything DiesThat Golden Rule and the better b-sides from the Puzzle and Only Revolutions singles. Allow me to explain.
    On the day of Puzzle's release, a friend and myself hurried down to HMV Oxford Street at 7am to get our special edition copies and our wristbands for the instore gig later that day. They were playing the album over the PA, but we were so excited to listen to it properly that we covered our ears. We hurried home to listen to it. With each song, we sighed, hoping the next would be better... but they weren't. It wasn't. We mourned.
  • My Favourite Biffy Tracks

    5 Oct 2008, 23:14 by ryechild

    This isn't in order, as it changes all time time, and my scrobbling bears no relevance as iTunes is mostly on shuffle, and I listen to alot of Biffy Clyro on CD. One thing I can say is Solution Devices was my favourite in the old days, and has always remained in the top 3 or so since. Songs from Blackened Sky which have stood the test of my time/overplaying include Stress on the Sky and Convex, Concave.

    Vertigo of Bliss was an immense followup. The stand out track for me, which is still apparent, is Eradicate the Doubt. When The Fraction's Fractioned really is a beautiful song, there's a lot of suspense never really released. I have memories of packed house parties that were quite happy to have this album running through.. a sign of things to come perhaps? Artwork was certainly compelling. Now the Action Is on Fire! was a song that first switched me onto Biffy, after seeing them play it live at the free Orange W.O.W Festival on the Gateshead Quayside, months before this album's release. …