• Best 50 Songs of 2007

    17 Dec 2007, 11:33 by disastercasper


    As 2007 is drawing to an end the “best of 2007-lists” are starting overflowing last.fm. This year, I have chosen to join the hype. However, instead of naming the year’s best albums I have made a list of the best songs.

    2007 has been a year of amazing discoveries for me. In 2006 I discovered a crazy little thing called and this year I have further refined and extended my taste within this amazing genre. It has been a great post-rock year with a lot of good releases by both the bigger names and the more underground bands.

    This year I have also discovered the genre. While 2007 has been my year of probing the post-rock spectrum, 2008 will probably see a lot of new sludge albums into my music collection. And although my favourite sludge bands Isis, Cult of Luna and Mouth of the Architect didn’t release anything this year, this was compensated by a lot of other, smaller bands. The new Minsk release alone made 2007 a great year for sludge, everything else has been a nice extra.