• Betty Botox - Mmmm Betty! (Endless Flight)

    6 Aug 2008, 20:22 by ebcommunity

    Amazing compilations seem to be the order of the day right now. Betty Botox may or may not be familiar name – the alter-ego of JD Twich of Optimo, a Glasgow based musical collective, who produce music and throw parties under various monikers. This selection of edits, explores some of the more challenging areas of the whole disco no disco sound. So that means the Residents, progressive rockers Hawkwind and the Jellies nestling up to the likes of Severed Heads. However, this sounds a whole lot more challenging than it actually is. Twich takes what are some pretty obscure cuts, and brings out their inner beauty. In almost every case he has taken something relatively inaccessible (in terms of finding the originals at least), and made it just that bit more palatable. In fact, he has done some of the best edits I gave heard in a while. Excellent.

    Betty Botox