• Oh, Nostalgia..

    6 Jul 2007, 21:27 by mikeropology

    All my surveys have been taken from other users. It's starting to bug me. My journal doesn't seem.. "mine." With that in mind, I made a mental note a while back not to post another survey unless I laid the groundwork for the next one myself. And then I forgot about it. But now I remembered. Alright; so here goes. This is it.

    I was looking through iTunes and noticed I have music from every consecutive year since 1930. I have more; like classical, folk and other stuff dating to before the 20th century, but my timeline begins to degrade behind Berthe Sylva's Frou-Frou (Les années Odéon). Anyway, it got me thinking. What would a playlist sound like that was built around time? Would the listener actually be able to hear music evolve (or at the very least, would he or she be able to hear a particular taste in music evolve with the eras)? Or is music too fluid; are there too many genres and subgenres?

    Needless to say this idea sent my head spinning. It began to seem pretty daunting too. …