• Needed

    6 Dec 2010, 08:14 by i_m_in_hiding

    This is a list of stuff I really don't find (even on Soulseek). If you're nice enough to share what you have, please ping me, and we'll make a deal! :) Remember, property is theft!

    A Certain Ratio:
    -> Mind Made Up

    AC Acoustics:
    -> Victory Parts / The Silver Echo and The Golden Echo

    -> Live at the Royal Albert Hall

    Al Bano:
    -> Al Bano
    -> Buon Natale 2008

    Al Bano Carrisi:
    -> Il Piu' Bel Regalo di Natale
    -> Natale Con al Bano
    -> Recital at the Festival: The Golden Orpheus 75
    -> The Great Italian Songbook

    Alejandra Guzmán:
    -> Alejandra Guzman
    -> Alejandra Guzmán en Vivo
    -> Sexy

    Alex Lloyd:
    -> Alex Lloyd/Other Side

    All About Eve:
    -> Live at Union Chapel

    Ana Popovic:
    -> Can You Stand The Heat

    And One:
    -> Zeit für Die Zukunft

    Andres Cepeda:
    -> Andres Cepeda

    Andrew W.K.:
    -> Damn! The Mixtape, Vol. 1

    Antonello Venditti:
    -> Cada Instante

    Apres La Classe:
    -> Luna Park On Tour: Live 2008
  • Top 50 Albums

    20 Dec 2009, 09:50 by raistlinsshadow

  • Systematically abusing the power to illegally download music

    17 Jul 2006, 07:48 by GuitarManARS

    So it was a bad idea from the start to put a file-sharing program with a natural propensity towards full album downloads (Soulseek and emule, in particular) in my hands, and this has never been more true than the past week or so, during which I managed to single-handedly send eight artists and bands from extravagant wealth into crippling poverty. It's officially been two months and eight days since I started rocking out to Red Hot Chili Peppers's Stadium Arcadium, and a couple of weeks ago I realized that it is perhaps just a tad unhealthy to listen to the same twenty-eight songs over and over again for two months straight. So, with some effort, I managed to pull myself away from that, and started looking for new music--recommendations, things I'd been thinking of picking up for a while, etc.--to fill in the void that it left. Since the last time I forced the unfortunate RIAA CEO into living in a small wooden shack with my excessive downloading, I posted a journal entry about it…