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You don’t always know where the road will take you. This is certainly true of Ben Sigston. An ex-Canadian National Team cyclist, Ben turned to music after a university athletic scholarship went awry.

Growing up in North Vancouver, Ben spent most of his time training in the fresh mountain air. After a few successes, including a World Cup win, Sigston was awarded an “athletic scholarship” to a mid-western US university. However, not long after attending, his life blew apart.

Within a few months, a pressure-filled environment, punishing physical training and two near death experiences took their toll, leading Sigston to some serious soul searching and an alteration in course. “It seemed evident to me that I had to change my circumstances,” Ben says, “I jumped on a plane and went back to Vancouver. I quit biking, sold all of my gear, and used the money to buy a guitar.”

This abrupt life change wasn’t as random at it might appear, as Sigston had been heavily influenced by music his entire life. He studied piano at the age of five, followed by the drums. There was always music in the house - the Beatles, Dylan, as well as his dad’s own band, holding practices in the basement.

In fact, in Ben’s world, music and athleticism have always been inextricably intertwined. When his focus shifted to music, lyrics and sound became his outlet. Instead of training away his frustrations and emotions, Ben began to write about them.

Over the last seven years, Ben has been relentlessly pursuing and refining his writing process. His music is filled with juxtapositions that compare and contrast thoughts, feelings, reflections and actions.

“For me, music is powerful. It’s a way to see into an experience or a situation that can be related to in one way or another.” I read a quote by David Gray that said. “Being an artist is like being a tourist”, and I think there’s some truth to that. Artists and tourists are always observing and discovering new things. It’s the artists job to internalize the event and then to recreate it… to express it.”

Whether they are simple ideas, or wide ranging thoughts, Sigston has an uncanny ability to convey himself through the melody of song. His music successfully cuts through the noise of modern existence, and extracts simple, universal truths: hope, love, redemption and the search for meaning.

Sigston has clearly struck a chord both with the public and with the industry, landing showcases for major labels and a recent development deal.

Ben’s struggles and his successes are both captured in “Free Now”, his new EP. The EP is a glimpse into his personal reflections and the overriding theme of the redemptive quality of love.

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