• covers give me the chills (in a good way)

    22 Jan 2006, 06:46 by bodesta

    alright kids, ive got some shit running through my head, so i thought, why not escape it and talk about music?

    i want to talk about covers, because i think they are underappreciated. im talking about GOOD covers, not shitty covers like a perfect circle covering john lennon's imagine, but amazing covers, like johnny cash's version of hurt ( Hurt ). a good cover makes you stop and listen. makes you turn up the radio, makes you replay the track, makes you call a station and request the song. with a good cover song, the band takes the original and adds a different spin on it, making it their own. take the foo fighter's version of prince's darling nikki ( Darling Nikki) it takes you a few seconds after listening to it, and then you think..."hey is this prince?"

    i could go on and on about great covers. if you are interested in checking out some interesting cover compilations, i'll give you a few of my favorites:

    "not another teen movie" soundtrack. pop punk bands from the late 90's covering 80's pop songs. …