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We understand for some that it is not common to voice what you stand up for. We realize people will hate us for what we do. We realize we are an odd-looking group of guys. We understand that everyone has something to say in his or her music. Our music deals with the issues of life and how we believe there is a way out. There is a considerable amount of pain found throughout this journey of life, it is not always escapable. Learning and growing from suffering is what we must try to do than allowing it to consume us. That is why we are here doing what we do.

If you think for a second that because we are a Christian band, that we do not struggle or we sit there and judge you for anything you have done, you are dead wrong. We struggle like anyone else, we are all sinners. You also may think that because we are a Christian band that our struggles are limited to "not drinking alcohol", "trying not to swear"…and seemingly petty issues along those lines, which we are commonly stereotyped. We are real people. We have real struggles. Before you hold your ideals and thoughts above ours, please realize that everyone has their own story to tell. If you are curious about why we choose what we choose, then feel free to ask. Do not think for a second that we do not understand what it is like to be in agony, or to come to a point where there is no hope. To struggle with drugs, alcohol, and broken families and relationships. To struggle with forms of what society claims as "mental illness", to get caught in the feeling of wanting to end it all, and to lose people that are very close to us. As I said, we are real. We all have to find a reason to breathe. Moreover, we have found that for us. We will never "arrive" and have all of the answers to life's toughest questions. We understand that. Nevertheless, we will forever seek and we will bring passion to whatever we do.

No one will fully understand another person, but we seek to play with our hearts. Just understand our passion and our love is for God, music, and you. We are not here to push an agenda. We are here to play, what we believe, to be the most passionate art form of music. It burns in our hearts and it expresses what each one of us holds dearly inside. Feel free to hate us, feel free to hate what we stand for; we are only here to show you our love for you and what we do. We are here to let you feel our passion. All we ask is that you move. We are not straight hardcore or straight metal, we mix a few styles. We understand that can create problems for some. We would love to see you out there regardless. Feel the music. We respect you, all we ask is for yours in return. In this area of Western Michigan, we feel a lot of respect is lost between bands and between the fans. We are all guilty of this. However, we seek to join whomever it may be to bring the scene back from the dead and ask that you be a part of it. We want to join with any type of band and any type of fan to create movement and bring back the passion for this music that some would say is our lifestyle.

We hope our music resonates deep within your soul to inspire you to grow beyond your stumbling blocks. Our music expresses our continual growth over our own trials and tribulations.

Our only request is to be honest and ask yourself “What do live I for? & what do I, behold?”

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