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There are several artists named Becky.

1. (Source: Entertainment Weekly): The band "becky" led by Rebecca Lord. They were a famous rock group who performed the theme song of the Famous Playhouse Disney Series "JoJo's Circus". The band is under Walt Disney Records.

2. (Source: Wikipedia): Becky (ベッキー, bekkii?) is a popular talent in Japan under the entertainment company Sun Music. Born on March 6, 1984, in Kanagawa, she is the daughter of a Japanese mother and an English father. She had dual (British and Japanese) citizenship until she turned 20, at which time she resolved to hold a single Japanese passport, as is required by Japanese law. Her real name is Rebecca Eri RayVaughan (レベッカ・英里・レイボーン), though she most often refers to herself as Bekiko (ベキ子 or 絲子).

Becky debuted as a regular on the popular children's show Oha-Suta (おはスタ) in 1999 reading out the English names of various Pokémon characters in a section of the show called "Pokémon: The World."

She became a popular mascot of the show, and eventually started landing spots on various Japanese variety shows. On television, she has also appeared in scores of commercials and has lent her voice to the characters of many anime shorts and movies.

Though busy with her life on television, she graduated from Tokyo's Asia University with a degree in business administration in March of 2006, much to the surprise and delight of her friends and family. When asked about balancing school and work, she replies, "As a member of society, it's normal . My parents have invested so much money in my education already."

Recently Becky has been experimenting with her talents and has even released her own line of clothing, attempting to capture her popular "cute appeal".

As a Japanese-English mix, it is difficult to categorize Becky according to the typical classes of female Japanese celebrity, which are often restricted to idols (アイドル, aidoru), actresses (女優, joyū), and variety talent (タレント, tarento). Becky's uniqueness is probably the core to her popularity, as she doesn't conform to the stereotypical image of a young Japanese woman.

She is well known for her bright and happy character, which makes her an attractive target for advertisers, despite her slightly atypical appearance. Though not a comedian, she often jokes with other Japanese owarai talents about how large her cell phone strap collection is and tells funny stories about her ex-boyfriends. She is also well known for her love of animals, and has a dalmatian named Sesame, and a staffordshire bull terrier named Jock.

3. Becky is a singer whose only known song is "Less Than Three", produced by Disko Warp. The instrumental was by Kid Whatever, and was rumored to be in the now unofficially cancelled In the Groove 3.

4. Becky, full name Becky Elian used to be a solo artist in Romania. (http://www.myspace.com/beckyelian).
Becky performed at the singing competition "Cerbul de Aur" as well as others, made a music video, and a demo.
After splitting with her manager, she had joined the band Dekadens: http://www.myspace.com/dekadens.

5. see Becky Jane Taylor who has earlier recorded under the name Becky.

6. the artist Becky is Rebecca Anderson of Canadian indie band F&M. Rebecca recorded "some like the water" under the name "becky" with Shameless Records Canada in 2002 (www.myspace.com/beckyandthekingdomofbudgies). That same year she joined singer songwriter Ryan Anderson and formed Fosters & McGarvey - now known as F&M (www.fandmtheband.com). She plays piano, accordion,keys, guitar, cymbaline and whistles.Discography inludes: becky -some like the water (2002, Fosters & McGarvey we don't talk to robots (2002), F&M This Gift Buys Our Gift: A Christmas Notebook, and F&M Let Every Light Shine. In 2006, Becky completed a Masters in Soviet Pop Cultural history. She is currently working on two albums with F&M. Becky's vocals can also be heard on the 2007 down tempo project called Leisure Co, sophmore album entitled "pan am connection" also under Shameless Records Canada.

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