13 Aug 2010, 21:49 by INNERXMUSICK

    Out now on Inner-X-Musick - Batcheeba "A Collection Of Trails". Batcheeba‘s first full length CD is now available on Inner-X-Musick. Dark, violent, atmospheric, her music is a one way ticket into her head. Batcheeba manipulates sounds and objects around her, and feeds them into what ever program willing to accept them. Her voice, pure or manipulated, plays a big part in the violent, but fragile soundscapes. There iz a witch inside, find out how it got there!
  • Great FREE music I've found on, part 1

    13 Feb 2009, 06:10 by adrenocandy

    If you believe truly great hardcore horror-electro-industrial died with Skinny Puppy's Too Dark Park, you're wrong. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not going to help you sleep at night: Atropine. Download everything. And check out related acts Mauled By Sloths and Epilektrician. These two do not have the EBM-elements of electro-industrial Atropine but are (even) more experimental in nature. I want to argue that practically all good music challenge conventional structure, but Mauled By Sloths has given up structure completely. Staying inside the /experimental/noise/somethingsomething-scene for a little while, there are Gird_09 and Batcheeba, for those with the stomach to digest them. If you can deal with that, try Tyranium, a familiar of mine on Trondheim-based Out of Records, who at the moment is "selling out" through his more accessible nightmare Blasfist. Yes, we're back to stuff you can actually dance to.