• Обзор прослушанного №48 (июль 2013)

    2 Jul 2013, 16:14 by Massenmord
    Bad Sector - Dolmen (1996)
    Drone Records
    "Dolmen" - одна из первых семидюймовок от легендарного итальянского проекта Bad Sector. Признаться, при всём уважении к Магрини, к раннему Сектору я почти равнодушен, и не разделяю восторгов по поводу Ampos. Мне гораздо ближе космические полотна позднего периода.
    Но эта пластинка меня удивила. Обладая той же конструкцией, что и "Ampos", с плотнейшим шумовым напором, "Dolmen" звучит столь же трансцендентально, но более фокусировано и... музыкально. Два недолгих трека действительно имеют чёткую структуру, а лаконичность записи только прибавляет плюсов этому архивному винилу. Тот случай, когда семидюймовка обладает не только антикварной, но и музыкальной ценностью.
    Barditus - Die Letzten Goten (2004)
  • Barditus live performance

    16 Jan 2009, 01:49 by stelapolaris

    Barditus live performance
    Casa de Teatro, Sintra
    5th July 2008

    You will go alone inwards life, the arms stretched like when you jump to water, the body in a tense arch of stone simulating shelter from the midday light.
    It is known that paradise will arrive in the escutcheon frigate, only have to put a nervous moon on the mast top and order to harness sails.
    I don't know if I can wish eternity, I don't know...
    I know that when we enter home, a lukewarm brise chills the sea, and the sea stays outside, or inside if in outside we find ourselves.
    And we fall asleep, floating in dreamland in shildgesang.

  • Review: V.A. - Eichendorff Liedersammlung

    11 Nov 2006, 19:00 by qwallath

    from Evening of Light webzine:

    The German poet Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff was a typical Romantic: his poetry is dominated by images of nature and nature-mysticism, and feelings of yearning and melancholy. On this release from Prophecy Productions, a number of artists, mostly from the neofolk scene, make an attempt to set Eichendorff's poetry to music. Some of the names on this release, such as Forseti, Orplid, or Sonne Hagal, should ring familiar to anyone with more than a passing interest in this type of music, whereas others, such as Edaphon or Grünland, are virtually unknown.

    The overall mood on this album is melancholic: the music is melodic, often fairly minimal, and rarely more complex than needed. Beyond this - surprisingly for a compilation release - there is a good sense of continuity on this album; the songs all fit together nicely. This does not mean, however, that all the songs sound alike: you can find several typical acoustic-guitar based neofolk tracks here…