• Charts - 29/12/08-4/1/09

    6 Jan 2009, 21:40 by Kapitankraut

    10. Rush
    I can see why people like this band, but I can't quite get into them myself.

    10. Magnus Carlsson
    One of the better Swedish male vocalists. There's a really cheeky sense of humour about his work, as well as some terrific melodies.

    9. Alcazar
    One of two bands that Magnus has been a part of. As with Magnus himself, a lot of fun.

    8. Liquid Tension Experiment
    Close to nothing better in the world. Instrumental Dream Theater, in a sense. Just amazing stuff.

    6. Barrington Levy
    He just can't seem to carry an album by himself.

    6. Hanggai
    It seems as though the Inner Mongolian throat singing style is a bit weaker than the Tuvan equivalent. I much prefer the Tuvans.

    5. Skindred
    Now this is a real find. Leaving aside the odd irritating scream, we have reggae crossed with a sort of groove metal. I can't see how this could possibly work, but it really does.

    3. Guns N' Roses
    "Chinese Democracy" really isn't all it's cracked up to be. …
  • Charts - 1/12-7/12/08

    8 Dec 2008, 09:46 by Kapitankraut

    My last week before starting full-time work, which is bound to have a huge impact on the charts:

    10. Aeon
    I think I've become more discerning in my death metal interests. Growling and technicality alone doesn't impress me as much as it once did.

    10. Einherjer
    As with a lot of folk-influenced black metal, Einherjer sound very identical over the course of an album. "Ironbound" remains a fantastic track, though.

    10. Magnus Carlsson
    Definitely one of the most enjoyable poptarts out of Sweden these days. It's impossible not to listen to his songs without wanting to dance around like a maniac.

    10. Beatrik
    Not the most interesting DSBM ever recorded.

    10. Fatima Spar und Die Freedom Fries
    The concept of this band seems a lot better than the execution. There are better Balkan gypsy acts out there.

    10. Bumi Putra Rockers
    Malaysian heavy metal, which is notable unto itself. I can't recall anything special from their album, though.

    7. Gerard Joling
    He seems just too constrained.
  • List of Queer Artists and Band Members

    30 Jan 2007, 03:31 by bunkadoo

    This is a list of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender artists and bands with LGBT members that I've been compiling for the last few years as part of the Queer Artists and Band Members group.

    If you know of more that I've missed, send me a message and I'll add them. Also, if there are ones that you think shouldn't be on this list, let me know so I can add links to more info.

    For living people, this list is based on how they identify. If they've had same-sex experiences but say they're heterosexual, they won't be listed here. That also means that if they say they're bisexual but have never had a same-sex experience, they will be listed.

    It's alphabetized by first letter, so if you can't find a band that should be here, try looking under "The."

    The List:
    4 Non Blondes
    A Lifeline Before Drowning
    Aaron Copland
    Academy 23
    Adam Joseph
    Alberta Hunter
    Alex Parks
    Alicia Bridges
    Alix Dobkin
    Alix Olson
    Amanda Lepore
    Amanda Palmer
    American Music Club
  • Dansbandsveckan in Malung 2006

    7 Aug 2006, 19:47 by helikoppter

    The 29th week of every year, "Dansbandsveckan" takes place in Malung. It's the biggest happening in the world of dansband music. As I was nearby of course I had to go! First a funny note on dansbands that I found in a review at some time ago ^^

    "Dansband" is translated into "dance band" which may sound cool, but is somewhat the opposite. Dansband music is a very Swedish (or Nordic) phenomenon used as background music so grown-ups can keep the pace while couple dancing. These bands usually look like dorks with terrible suits and they play two different modes, slow dancing or somewhat uptempo. They streamline hit songs taken from any genre and make them all sound the same. The closest to compare them to are the type of groups playing at weddings. It's the shit you mock your mother for listening to!
    Well, I pretty much grew up listening to the biggest dansbands of that time, so I can't help getting nostalgic now that I'm over disliking it. …