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Due to the fact that I understand a lot of people that may look at this blog are not English (a lot of the blogs I’m linked to are from the US or Europe), I always try to give the johnny foreigners a chance to see what UK hip-hop is really about. That’s why I upload compilations and mixes of UK rap as much as possible. They act as good introductions for the uninitiated and give people a chance to pick and choose which songs and artists they like from the albums so they can dig deeper into their back catalogues and find some real treats.

So here we are with another one of these mixes. Its by UK mainstay Rob Life, and acts as a personal selection of truly classic tracks from the annuls of British rap history. Unlike other mixes I’ve put up, this has a full scope of musc ranging from the early artists from our ‘side’ such as Hardnoise and Hijack, through later material from Rodney P and Blade all the way up to more recent artists like Kashmere The Iguana Man and Verb T.

If you are already in the know on our style and you’re into UK music as it is, this will gather a lot of songs you already know and love into one place and blend them as one CD. If not, it’s a chance to hear some songs that are considered to be the best of their kind by us Brits.

To finish the introduction to this great mix, I’ll quote what Disorda from Suspect Packages (www.suspect-packages.com) writes in the CD sleeve:

“UK hip hop has long been stigmatised as being a low key operation with no major backing from corporations, and no love outside the core fan base of artists and groups. In the past, journalists have consistently put it down in numerous articles and reviews and personally this has always pissed me off!

This negative attitude to UK hip hop has ran throughout the music industry. All the way down the chain from major record labels, distributors and retailers to smaller shops and specialist distributors, UK hip hop has never been well supported.

Ever since the early days of crews such as Demon Boyz and London Posse the UK scene has always had a definitive sound and style. These early crews broke down the boundaries of hip-hop in the UK and showed us you could rhyme in your own accent and rap about what you saw in your town and not in the ‘projects’. Many artists have come and gone over the years and many have stuck around and the one true essence of most of the successful ones has been to ‘go for self’ with their own promotion, own funding and own support. This approach has worked for many and is now working for more people than ever before. The Independent UK Hip Hop scene is now better placed than at any time in the past.

So fuck the doubters and mindless ignorant fools who can’t recognise raw talent when it’s their own doorstep smacking them in the face! Now is the time to stop talking all the negative bullshit I keep reading and hearing on a daily basis. We have built up our own UK organisations comprising record labels, shops, studios, radio stations and more. Its now moving to the next level.

This CD you hold in your hands is a retrospective view of our scene over the last 15 years. It includes classic tracks from the 80s & 90s and some fresh tracks from the brightest talents on the scene today. Take a long hard listen. Is this a second grade version of Hip Hop? I don’t think so and I hope you will agree”

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