• Konserter 2009

    29 Dec 2009, 21:36 by bossmoss

    9/1 The Stradlins
    (Klubb Ivan, Nässjö)
    16/1 Henry Fiat's Open Sore, The Shamalamas
    (Bryggeriet, Nässjö)
    23/1 Who Knew
    (Roter Salon, Berlin)
    24/1 The Gutter Twins, Duke Garwood
    (Babylon, Berlin)
    24/1 Minnaars, The Have
    (White Trash Fast Food, Berlin)
    30/1 Ossler
    (Kafé DeLuxe, Växjö)
    31/1 Hellfuckers, Moranes, Hammok Safari, Tomorrow Will Never Come
    (Juventum, Eksjö)
    2/2 Royal Sister
    (Hotell Högland, Nässjö)
    4/2 The Tallest Man on Earth
    (Stadsbiblioteket, Jönköping)
    7/2 Onine, Modern Caveman
    (Bryggeriet, Nässjö)
    11/2 Jens Proud Project
    (Bryggeriet, Nässjö)
    13/2 Scratchy & Mono
    (Bryggeriet, Nässjö)
    19/2 Supersuckers, Nashville Pussy
    (KB, Malmö)
    20/2 Since Our First Guitar
    (Vinylbaren, Malmö)
    20/2 Ossler
    (Inkonst, Malmö)
    21/2 The Wave Pictures, PENS
    (Debaser, Malmö)
    2/3 Wendy McNeill
    (Hotell Högland, Nässjö)
    6/3 Itchy Daze
    (Hotell Högland, Nässjö)
    13/3 Danko Jones, Graveyard
    (Folkets Park, Huskvarna)
    20/3 Pernilla Andersson
  • Ten most common misconceptions regarding musical critique.

    6 Sep 2008, 01:44 by 0k0k0k0

    This is a tl;dr piece. Of rehashed ideas over and over again. You have been warned.

    1. Visual appeal equals musical appeal.
    Obvious cases of visual kei faggotry and metal posturing idiocy aside, it’s to say that artsy music videos and photoshoots do not mask the fact that the musicians are just terrible at rousing emotions other than righteous loathing back at them. And even then on the other end, mesmerizing soundscapes wafting from the stage, emanating from spaced-out statues with guitars or what have you. As dorky as they look, no different from the classroom nerd, unmoving but for the subtle flicks of the picks on their fingers, fact remains…. They’ll never get laid.

    That, and the other lesson so implicitly overt.

    2. If it sucks live, it sucks.
    At its basest classification, only two types of music exist. Studio version and live version. One of those clearly plays with sounds difficult/impossible to replicate under real time circumstances…
  • Celebrating One Year of Song of The Day!

    25 Jan 2008, 03:20 by sablespecter

    I brought the concept of the Song of The Day into the internet age one year ago today, 24 Jan 2007 (local time), and I've loved every day of it.

    If you have been reading along, then thanks for reading and especially to everyone who has commented in! If you're new to SotD, please stay tuned as we move into year two!

    In the past year, we've had a SotD from all of the artists listed below (# of selections). With 365 selections up, I've only covered 5% of the sablespecter catalog, and it's growing by more than an average of a song per day, so we're not anywhere near being in danger of running out of songs!

    In fact, the nicely coincident timing of Last's big announcement means the collective available catalog is now quite a bit larger for all of us! It's almost cosmic timing - I wonder if this is their way of celebrating?

    Yeah, probably not, so to celebrate a successful year, I've decided that starting today, Song of The Day is now open to requests (don't all rush in at once LOL)!…
  • Song Of The Day - 20 Aug 2007: Hey Joe

    20 Aug 2007, 16:33 by sablespecter

    Band Of Joy / "Hey Joe" / Robert Plant: Sixty Six to Timbuktu (II, 3) / Nov 2003

    Artist: Band Of Joy
    Release: Sixty Six To Timbuktu (Robert Plant)
    Track: Hey Joe

    Track preview via Amazon
    (Connections here are not technically correct, given the history of this selection.)

    Happy 59th Birthday, Robert Plant!

    Now 40 (!) years old, this Band Of Joy demo from 1967 was not released until Plant's non-Led Zeppelin career retrospective in 2003, which followed the mystical "progressive psych-folk" studio version that he recorded for Dreamland (2002).

    As this demo was recorded, Jimi Hendrix's version (released Dec 1966 in the UK and Mar 1967 in the U.S.) was on its way to becoming the definitive version, featuring unmatched guitar work despite over 1250 known versions. (Not that I've listened to all of them to judge! Let me know if you've heard a version of this song that you think surpasses Jimi's!)

    Hey Joe was the last song Jimi played at Woodstock (as an…