• 12-19.03.2006 summary :)

    20 Mar 2006, 13:31 by Vami

    1. 220 Volt 37 plays

    Those guys from Sweden rock!! Many great tracks here we have. Both and rockers.

    2. Badlands & Balance 19 plays

    So much blues in Badlands' hard rock. As I love , these guys have a honorable place in my heart. As far as Balance is concerned, solid ball of .

    4. 101 South 18 plays

    The song "Boat out on the river" is a pure highlight.

    5. Divokej Bill & 707 17 plays

    Czech punk rock is an exception in my playlist. But if someone's good, I don't care what they play. 707 is another solid rock act.

    7. Bang Tango 11 plays

    Well, some songs rock, some don't. Still better than all stuff.

    8. Baltimoore, Bar 7, 21 Guns 10 plays

    Bar 7 - a side project of Tesla guys, rocky to the limit. 21 Guns showed that Aussies can really rock. And Baltimoore are one another new discovery in my catalogue.

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