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There are two groups called Bailey Brothers.

1) Charlie and Danny Bailey were extremely popular radio singers in West Virginia and Tennessee during the late '40s through the '50s who were among the few fraternal duets to successfully make the transition from old-time music to bluegrass. The Baileys were born to a large, musically inclined family in Happy Valley, Tennessee. Charlie made his professional singing debut in 1936 when he teamed up with Charlie Cope and began touring. He and brother Danny teamed shortly after, and soon they were singing on local radio. In 1940 they went to Knoxville to play on WNOX and WROL, and soon gained a devoted following. But in 1941, just before they were to make their recording debut, Charlie was inducted into the Army. While he was gone Danny founded the Happy Valley Boys, and remained in Knoxville. By 1944, the Happy Valley Boys had moved to Nashville and were appearing on the Grand Ole Opry. The group changed personnel when two members were drafted. They were replaced by Charlie and Lester Cope. In 1946, Charlie returned and the Copes left to find their own fame.

Not long after, the Happy Valley Boys became a full-fledged bluegrass band; joined by fiddler L.E. White, banjo picker Wiley Birchfield and bass player Jake Tullock, Charlie played mandolin and guitar while Danny played guitar. With this line-up they waxed six songs in late 1947, among them the first recorded version of "The Sweetest Gift," by J.B. Coates. They made two more singles before moving to a radio station in Raleigh, North Carolina. There, fiddler Clarence "Tater" Tate and banjo player Hoke Jenkins joined the Happy Valley Boys.

The Baileys founded their own Canary label before moving to play on the Wheeling Jamboree at WWVA Wheeling, West Virginia in 1952. Here the brothers were at their most popular; at one time, the Baileys and their band were even bigger than Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys. About two years later, Danny began having health problems and, but for a few months in 1954, the Baileys stopped playing together. They did reunite briefly between 1957 and 1958. Danny basically remained in Knoxville after 1954 and continued working on radio and television on the Farm and Home Hour until the show was canceled in 1983. Meanwhile Charlie went to work in Richmond and then eventually returned to Wheeling where he founded a band featuring members of the McCumbee Family and later the Osborne Brothers. He later teamed up with Jimmy Elrod, Chubby Collier and Ray Meyers. With this line-up, he recorded a few songs at WWVA. Following his brief professional reunion with his brother in 1958, Charlie embarked upon a six-month tour of the Canadian Maritime Provinces. He retired in 1960 and went on to open an exterminating business in Delaware.

The Baileys briefly reunited in 1970 for a concert during the Smithsonian Festival of American Folklife; later in the decade they recorded two albums for Rounder. In 1975, they gathered for the the old-timer reunion at Fan Fair, and in 1982 played at the Knoxville World's Fair. The Rounder label has reissued most of the Bailey Brothers recordings done for Rich-R-Tone and Canary.

~ Sandra Brennan, All Music Guide

2)Iron Maiden, Saxon, Def Leppard etc, they all emerged from the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. Surfing across the same wave was one of Britain's unique acts: The Bailey Brothers. Already recognised as pioneers of American rock helping to establish bands such as Kiss, Ted Nugent, Angel, Journey etc to an audience who, until then, only listened to Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath (traditional rock). Compiling charts for national rags such as Sounds at that time gave them an opportunity to promote up and coming acts and Mick and Dez became the rock 'n' roll preachers spreading the word in most cities in England.

With an ever-increasing following and a reputation for creating an electric atmosphere Saxon invited the Bailey Brothers to open up for them at Leeds Queens Hall. They relished the chance to entertain 5,000 hardened rock fans and the response from the crowd soon alerted major rock promoters and Mick and Dez were promoted up on to the theatre circuit.

The Birmingham Odeon, London Dominion, Marquee, London Lyceum and many more venues were conquered. Their reputation as Britain's Wildest Heavy Metal DJ's followed their Kiss meets Alice Cooper style live show. With exploding guitars and pyrotechnics this was an audio-visual experience of the highest calibre.

Loreley in Germany launched Mick and Dez to 15000 German rock fans but more importantly Europe's top rock magazine Metal Hammer had discovered an ally that would help them launch their mag in England.
The Bailey Brothers were given a free hand to write and feature in two pages of Metal Hammer for over six years and were instrumental in making the mag a success.

Monsters of Rock
All those years touring were about to be rewarded by MCP, promoters of Monsters Of Rock. The Bailey Brothers were added to the line up which saw new rock gods Bon Jovi headlining. Featuring on every poster, T-shirts, in all the press and with a full-page feature in the official Donington MOR programme the Baileys had been elevated onto the festival circuit

In typical British tradition the Baileys set out to conquer Europe.

The notorious rock fans welcomed Mick and Dez with rapturous applause. Their knowledge of music had kept them at the cutting edge of Rock and their communication skills were in evidence as 65,000 fans sang along and joined in with the Yorkshire banter that had become their trademark. The Bailey Brothers were invited back the following year to host the largest festival ever staged at Donington. With Iron Maiden, Kiss, Dave Lee Roth and Guns N Roses on the bill, the audience figures swelled to 110,000. The following year they hosted the Milton Keynes Bowl to 65,000 fans and once again were a huge success.

MTV Europe
The Baileys were by now writers, presenters and co-producers of MTV's top rated programme. Beamed right across Europe, Mick and Dez with their unique and fresh alternative look attracted an audience of all ages. This was the UK's version of Waynes World with a TFI Friday style of presentation and humour.

Not only did the Baileys present Donington; they interviewed every band on the mega bill for MTV and put the whole event out across Europe on their show. Now the cameras would capture 110.000 fans singing the Baileys catch phrase "Rock Not Pop". With a successful TV show behind them, Mick and Dez had reached the summit of their career. The twice weekly TV show attracted all the stars and saw the Baileys filmed in the USA and across Europe.

Yorkshire Television

Yorkshire Television invited the Bailey Brothers as guests on several occasions. High-profile interviews with the Baileys included a personal invitation by David Bowie to introduce him on stage in Yorkshire (he was a big fan of their MTV show).

Film footage included them honouring his request, plus the boys live on stage performing to 100,000 rock fans at the Monsters of Rock festival. Viewing figures were estimated at around 12 million. (Mick and Dez were interviewed in Dec 1999)

Yorkshire Radio Network

After years of being invited as guests on many ILR radio stations Mick and Dez fulfilled a personal ambition to write, produce and present the Bailey Brothers Rock Show.

Once again attracting the big guns such as Whitesnake and Iron Maiden etc., the show was soon networked and the transformation from TV to radio was all in a days work for the two brothers from Sheffield, England.
They have given so much to the music industry and many bands and fans look on The Bailey Brothers with respect and affection.

Stop the World we wanna get off!
Unannounced and in true unpredictable Baileys tradition Mick and Dez decided to walk away from the lime light. They had become disillusioned with the way rock was heading and increasingly disturbed by the imagery and message portrayed in videos. Mick and Dez refused to tarnish their name by playing music they didn't believe in to fans that had now become friends and like one big family. After so much constant publicity and not wanting to become the Terry Wogans of rock they became very selective in the shows they would participate in. Other DJs would work under their guidance to continue to promote rock on the Baileys behalf.

The National Centre For Popular Music

The National Centre For Popular Music in Sheffield feature the Bailey Brothers alongside the likes of Def Leppard in an exhibition. This also includes a visual story of the Baileys in celebration of their many achievements. Mick and Dez were once again interviewed by YTV and the programme went out Dec 1999.

Bailey Brothers 2000 and beyond

www.baileybrothers.co.uk A site to unite!

With a team of writers and constant news, reviews and gossip this is one of the world's premier web sites. Mick and Dez are visionaries and are keen to stay at the cutting edge of technology. Their relationship with artistes means they can bring exclusive news and gossip from around the world. With features such as Unsigned On Line the Baileys have created a platform for young up and coming bands to help them get noticed on the world stage. This site will be imitated across the globe.

Fireworks Rock Magazine!

The Baileys have been approached already to write and feature in the new Fireworks Magazine and they will have plenty of new adventures to talk about.

Baileys Comet

Keep a look out on the horizon for Baileys Comet, a band formed by Mick and Dez. This has been a few years in the making but with a three album world wide deal on the table Dez Bailey song writer, musician and producer is a title that will soon be well established.

This has been a personal ambition for Dez - the main songwriter for many years but other commitments have always put this venture on hold.
The album at the moment titled Judgement Day is scheduled for release in October. A heavy touring schedule will follow. Best described as Thin Lizzy meets Whitesnake but with influences right across the board, stand by for British rock with just a tint of USA gloss. Judgement Day, Wild One (Phil Lynott tribute) Stealin' your Lovin' and Emerald Isle (a song for peace) are the killer songs to look out for.

The amazing adventures of The Bailey Brothers continue - so watch this space 'cos you just never know what the Bailey Brothers will be up to next!….

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