• Ten Years, Ten Albums - Part Two

    27 Sep 2007, 22:03 by nehemiah553

    Part two of my journal featuring my favourite album from each of the last ten years. On we go with 2004...

    2004 - Hope of the States - The Lost Riots

    The moment I started this journal, I knew exactly what would feature under 2004. This is perhaps my favourite album of all time.

    It's an old cliche, but this album literally changed my life. It opened my ears, to use another cliche, to a whole new approach to 'indie' music as it is dubbed. This was something entirely different.

    Opener The Black Amnesias send shivers down my spine, stands the hairs on the back of my neck on end, blows me away. While the band was touring Left, I missed the days when they used to open with this track. I always like things that start with a bang and this is one of the biggest bangs there is... albeit not literally, and not in volume, but in sheer magnitude.

    "Come on people, keep yr friends close, yr enemies won't matter in the end," Sam Herlihy repeats in Enemies/Friends. …
  • BT - This Binary Universe (shoutingatspeakers.com review)

    20 Sep 2006, 04:04 by nichodges

    (This review originally from shoutingatspeakers.com)

    BT - This Binary Universe

    This Binary Universe is BT's (thankful) return to the world of stunning and thoughtful music for music's sake, not just for the dancefloor (or pop charts). It's a return to the world he created in IMA and ESCM, but less epic than those first 2 albums and at times verging on a sound I'd more readily associate with Autechre than BT.

    Each track is vastly different, yet the album as a whole feels utterly complete. Opening up with a lush guitar brushed journey through analog glitchyness with All That Makes Us Human Continues, we move into Dynamic Symmetry. Featuring an almost analogue feel with chopped beats and raspy piano samples creating a sound somewhere between DJ Cam and Aphex Twin, before it rockets into a mesmerising barrage of beats, this is the point I realised this album is not simply a return to his earlier albums but a marked rethinking about how electronica should be created.

  • New BT Album arrived...

    16 Sep 2006, 13:31 by uncle_tom1966

    So here it is finally in my hands, the new album "This Binary Universe" (no entry on last.fm yet) by BT.
    Just listened to it and now watch the music with the films provided on the additional DVD. I don't know whether I should be disappointed or should find this work just ingenious.
    It has been mentioned in forums before, but this is more of a soundtrack than album sound. Very quiet, has ambient world-music in All That Makes Us Human Continues, jazz passages in Dynamic Symmetry and sparse symphonic lines like in The Internal Locus and soft piano passages like in the first part of The Anhtkythera Mechanism...my personal favourite is Good Morning Kaia as this is less experimental...probably I need to listen to this a few times...
    I guess what BT proves with this album is his professionalism as composer of non-trivial stuff...I just hope the next album is more dance sound again...ESCM