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  1. Horrible Things are a Cradle of Filth tribute band from the Midwest United States of America.


  2. Maltross was an instrumental stoner metal trio from Urbana, IL (originally from Peoria, IL). They played their first show in December of 2008 and…

  3. screamo/hardcore from champaign, il. rip 2007-2011
    have an ep.

    Members now play in Dino Bravo, Enta, Laughboy, Bailout, Secular Edict, Orange Soda,…

  4. Panel Van was a bunch of math rock a-holes from Champaign, IL.

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  6. The Leadership is the product of Jared Michael Park and Jon Childers formed in the summer of 2010 in Urbana, IL.

  7. The Fresh Kills are a 4 piece punk band from Champaign, Illinois.

  8. The Please & Thank Yous formed in 2006 to play a novel brand of pop punk that (according to critics amateur and semi-professional) brings…

  9. (1) Hugh Soward, Tyler Berchtold, Cody Oltman, Josh Waldmeier making music. Good times. Sounds different every couple years.

    (2) An alternative…

  10. Commodity was a band from Champaign, IL that played fast & loud hardcore.

  11. Cloud Mouth is
    1) the noise-punk (screamo) band from Chicago:
    '4 Song Demo EP' CD
    'Freak/Psych/Fuck' Tape
    'Cloud Mouth / Cougar Den split' 7" and…

  12. Enta are a Midwestern atmospheric screamo band that formed in the winter of 2011/12 and are made up of sounds similar to a mixture of Raein, City…

  13. Midstress is a melodic punk band from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. They write songs about being a kid, being stoked, and being pissed off. Their first…

  14. sex-deprived hardcore from urbana, illinois

  15. There are two artists with the name Raw Nerve

    1) a hardcore punk band from Chicago, IL and Northwest Indiana. They have released a Demo Tape,…

  16. Grandkids are an indie/folk group from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois

  17. With the need to play music and to revive a dying scene, WE MUST DISMANTLE ALL THIS! formed in May of 2008. Consisting of five souls playing dark,…

  18. Loud, heavy post-metal, down-tempo, sludge band from Champaign, Illinois.

  19. There are multiple artists that go by Landbridge.

    Landbridge is a poppunkish band from Bloomington Indiana. They recorded a track in April for…

  20. Metal band from Peoria IL.
    formerly called Burning Love Letters. they changed their name in 2006.
    been on hiatus since may of 2009 with plans of…


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