• 1:45AM

    8 Aug 2011, 00:51 by isaromantini

    A historia acabou;
    Os personagens se foram;
    O que fazer agora? O que fazer amanhã à noite antes de dormir?
    A garota esta viva; ele não a ama e muito dinheiro foi desperdiçado.


    What Kind of Love
  • My Music of 2008

    31 Dec 2008, 14:17 by Anadune

    the time between the holidays offers me the chance to take a little view back of the year 2008 in my music...
    I consider 2008 a very interesting year with a lot of new releases and for me a lot of very good concerts.
    Also i found a lot of new interesting bands, hows releases have actually been maybe years ago, but still I will mention them here.

    The first Album of 2008, that i want to mention here is

    Edenbridge and their Album My Earth Dream
    This album accompanied me a lot in the early part of the year and has definitely become one of my all-time favourites.
    Especially I fell in love with the song Paramount.
    I havent heard such a bombastic and beatiful song since then.

    Another band I heard the first time this year was Morian.
    I listened a lot to Sentinels of the Sun and especially Away From The Sun.
    I loved it in the time when i formed my own band and still i feel a good connection to the song.

    Two little treasures dewll in my CD-Case since this year...i mean the 2 Albums of Serenity. …
  • Music Library Statistics/Survey

    8 Oct 2008, 01:55 by hystericromance

    And just some stats to keep in mind and whatnot.
    Total number of tracks: 2209
    Total Length of Music: 6.3 days
    Total gigs of space: 12.26GB

    Oh, and since I use iTunes, songs/albums starting with digits are sorted as last, past Z.

    Sort by Song Title:
    -First Song: "Abandoned" by Kamelot
    -Last Song: "999,999" by Nine Inch Nails

    Sort by Time:
    -Shortest Song: "" by Linkin Park [0:10]
    -Longest Song: Actual song: "Smash Bros. Great Medley" by New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra (14:18)
    Just track: "Live Earth Performance (7.7.07)" by Linkin Park (1:10:50)

    Sort by Album:
    -First Song: "Apocalypse Please" by Muse (Absolution)
    -Last Song: "Lose Yourself" by Eminem (8 Mile Soundtrack)

    Sort by Artist:
    -First Song: "Primavera/Spring (From the Four Seasons)" by A. Vivaldi
    -Last Song: "From Yesterday" by 30 Seconds to Mars

    Sort by Genre:
  • Insult your Top 20 (kind of hard!!)

    21 Mar 2008, 20:13 by susaram

    Another game caused by boredom (which on the other hand is caused by an illness which keeps me inside -.-).
    Oh, I preventively apologize in advance for what I may or may not say.

    1. Therion
    You guys seperated from Mats Levén (I know, it was friendly blah blah...) and I sort of hate you for that...of course, my love for you prevails but still...

    2. Sonata Arctica
    You are §%&$ guys for not caring about Berlin anymore when coming on tour!!

    3. Within Temptation
    My dears, as much as I like the new albums, you could at least try to reach the high quality of your earlier ones...say, for instance Enter, Mother Earth...and seperate from that stupid label GUN Records!

    4. Avantasia
    On the new album there are two songs I really cannot bear to listen to...Cry Just a Little and What Kind of Love are like sooo schmaltzy (nice word, huh?), it already hurts...and please don't ruin your W:O:A gig with playing any of these songs. Just leave them be.

    5. Lacrimas Profundere
  • Avatansia - Scarecrow

    8 Feb 2008, 01:13 by slowsloth

    Latest Avantasia album, "Scarecrow" finally hit the market. And I finally got a copy. So, what we can say about it?

    First, this is not Avatansia. Sorry about that, but it isn't. It is not about Gabriel and his quest to save his sister, while trying to save the universe from clashing with another universe, due the actions of an evil bishop. No, not at all.

    This is "Tobias Sammet's friends - Scarecrow."

    My guess is that Tobias really liked to play with another people and decided to use the name Avantasia for this project. So, fans of Avantasia, sorry but this isn't part III. On the other hand, for those who like melodic metal, this is an awesome album! And not just melodic metal fans, people who like power ballads will really enjoy "Cry Just a Little" and "What Kind of Love". I would even dare to say that "What Kind of Love" beats "Farewell" in any competition, hands down.

    And Alice Cooper singing in "The Toy Master" is something that is really amazing.
  • Avantasia - The Scarecrow

    27 Jan 2008, 17:54 by injo

    Ho atteso il momento fin da quando iniziarono a girare i primi rumours sulla possibilità che Sammet il figaccione iniziasse i lavori su un terzo cpaitolo della saga Avantasia. Nonostante negl ianni i miei gusti siano notevolmente cambiati i primi due capitoli della saga furono tra i primi album che ascoltai ed amai quindi li porto dentro di me da allora. Così, appena disponibile The Scarecrow lo prendo senza pensarci troppo su, senza fare caso ai capelli corti di Tobias, senza far caso all'artwork stilisticamente diverso, al moniker differente. Di acqua sotto i ponti ne passa in sei anni ed effettivamente ascoltando questo lavoro si trova la stessa abissale differenza di sound che separa gli Edguy di Mandrake e quelli di Rocket Ride. Il primo ascolto è stata una delusione immane, mi piangeva il cuore. Troppa attenzione mediatica, ho pensato, un lavoro quasi forzato, l'annunciata apparizione live al Wacken e il cambio quasi totale degli artisti invitati al progetto hanno ucciso Avantasia. …