• Bonjovitasia - The Wicked Symphony

    29 Mar 2010, 21:23 by Enforceris

    Okay I'll try to be as objective as possible, however I can say for sure that I had no high hopes for this album. After a huge and poptastic fail of The Scarecrow, I don't know if I should hate Tobias or feel sad for him.

    Avantasia - The Wicked Symphony
    Hard-rocky silly intro, then a few seconds of tobias impersonating Kamelot then a few seconds of epicness of R.Allen. then BonJovi Chorus. Repeat again. Cue random solo and random alternative instrumental.
    Rating: 4/10

    Avantasia - Wastelands
    Generic Power metal track used as filler material. Typical unimpressive lyrics and bland guitar work. Kiskes vocals don't sound as good as I hoped they would...It seems he lost all his power...
    Rating: 5/10

    Avantasia - Scales of Justice
    Quite a decent track. AWESOME, even, I would say. But don't be fooled yet. Its awesome because of vocalist, Tim "Ripper" Owens, who carries the song through the song alone. …