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Tony Young aka: Autoclav1.1 turned his hand to writing music late 2004. Since then he has had numerous successful releases, all of which have cemented Autoclav1.1 as one of the more prolific artists on the scene. Fusing huge orchestral compositions, and IDM with flashes of Industrial, Rock and modern Electronica, Autoclav1.1 has gained a reputation for pulling on the deepest of human emotions with a variety of melody, frequently torn apart by paranoid beatwork and broken rhythmical structures.


TA049 | Autoclav1.1: All Standing Room In The Goodnight Saloon

The prolific and charismatic Tony Young returns with his newest and most realized Autoclav1.1 album to date. ‘All Standing Room In The Goodnight Saloon‘ melds Autoclav1.1’s signature piano movements with moments of infectious guitar riffs and dark electronica moods all accentuated by tight beatwork and memorable melodies. A rich and full-sounding album that charges forward gracefully throughout and effortlessly conjures a lasting impression on the listener.

Featuring contributions from Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip), Xotox, Attrition, Experiment Haywire, and Millipede, as well as beautiful 6-panel digipak artwork by Salt (Ant-Zen/Hymen). It’s ‘All Standing Room In The Goodnight Saloon‘ where insomniacs roam the night and a shadowy world reveals itself to those who choose to explore it. This is a fictional slumber.



'embark on departure' 12 track CD album TBA
'all standing room in the goodnight saloon' 11 track CD album November 2010 Tympanik Audio
'where once were exit wounds' 11 track CD album July 2009 Tympanik Audio
'love no longer lives here' 11 track CD album June 2008 Tympanik Audio
'broken beats for broken hearts' 14 track remix CD album January 2008 Hive Records
'visitor attractions' 14 track CD album December 2006 Crunch Pod
'you are my all and more' 15 track CD album December 2005 Crunch Pod


'indelible' 11 track CD EP July 2005 Nein Records
'no protocol' 7 track CD EP April 2005 Diskus Fonografika


1 x track on 'Surge and Subside' CD/DD album February 2011 Aphotic Audio
1 x track on 'Snowflakes' DD album December 2010 Raumklang Music
1 x track on 'Approach Lights 3' DD album November 2010 Tympanik Audio
1 x track on 'Sanity is Slavery' 2xCD/DD companion November 2010 MachineKUNT
1 x track on 'Emerging Organisms 3' 2xCD December 2009 Tympanik Audio
1 x track on 'Approach Lights 2' CD May 2009 Tympanik Audio
1 x track on 'Emerging Organisms 2' 2xCD December 2008 Tympanik Audio
1 x track on 'Machines Against Hunger' 2xCD April 2008 Sigsaly TM
1 x track on 'Abstract Boundaries Vol 1' CD May 2007 Cinetiks
2 x tracks on 'Notochord 1 sampler' CD January 2006 Notochord
1 x track on 'Rhythms For Decay' CD December 2005 Infekted Sound


1 x track collaborating on Millipede's 'powerless' CD February 2011 Hymen Records
1 x track remixed on Lucidstatic's 'surgical theatre' DD album April 2010 CRL Studios
1 x track on It Clings' 'Fuck it All' CD June 2009 Bugs Crawling Out of People
1 x track collaborating on Navicon Torture Technologies' 'your suffering will be legendary' CD April 2009 Malignant Records
2 x tracks collaborating on Navicon Torture Technologies' 'the gospels of the gash' CD March 2009 Malignant Records
5 x tracks collaborating on Synnack's 'V2' CD May 2008 Force Of Nature


1 x track for Dirk Geiger on 'second life' DD album June2011 Tympanik Audio
1 x track for Fractional on 'v/a: approach lights 3' DD album November 2010 Tympanik Audio
1 x track for Fractional's 'blood remixes' DD album August 2010 Tympanik Audio
1 x track for MOS on 'club respekt 2010' CD July 2010 Nein Records
1 x track for Lucidstatic's 'yurei' download album July 2010 Connexion Bizarre
1 x track for Thermidor's 'poema seis' CD April 2010 THISCO
1 x track for Candle Nine's 'the muse in the machine' CD February 2010 Tympanik Audio
1 x track for C-Drone Defect's 'dystopia' 2xCD December 2009 Noitekk
1 x track for ESA's 'the immaculate manipulation' CD/DD companion December 2009 Tympanik Audio
1 x track for Ad.ver.sary's 'a bright cut across velvet sky' CD May 2009 Tympanik Audio
1 x track for Cenotype's 'origins unfold' CD March 2009 Origins/Annihilvs
1 x track for Totakeke's 'the things that disappear when I close my eyes' CD March 2009 Tympanik Audio
1 x track for Experiment Haywire's 'remix riot' CD February 2009 MachineKUNT
1 x track for Zentriert ins Antlitz's 'no!' CD/DD companion November 2008 Tympanik Audio
1 x track for System:FX's 'high definition violence' CD October 2008 Self Released
1 x track for Displacer's 'the witching hour' CD August 2008 Tympanik Audio
1 x track for Epidemia's 'de la infección a la muerte' CD December 2007 Diskus Fonografika
1 x track for Caustic's 'Unicorns Kittens and Shit' CD/DD companion June 2006 Crunch Pod
1 x track for Pneumatic Detach's 'reviscera' CD February 2006 Hive Records



bring it on


03/06/11: Krudttønden, Copenhagen, DENMARK
20/11/10: Slimelight, London UK
03/04/10: Slimelight, London UK
27/02/09: STAKANOVISMO08 BTN3, Kollatino Underground, Rome, ITALY
09/01/09: MORTALED 5, The Library, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds UK
30/12/08: NASTY NOISE DISCO - The Ark, Edinburgh, Scotland UK
17/07/08: DAS BOOT FESTIVAL , The Prequel, MS Stubnitz, Copenhagen, DENMARK
21/03/08: Tech Noir, Legends, Newcastle Upon Tyne UK
18/01/08: The Chapel Venue, Huddersfield UK
21/09/07: Tech Noir, Legends, Newcastle Upon Tyne UK
02/06/07: Slimelight, London UK
26/04/07: Cathouse, Glasgow, Scotland UK
07/01/07: RESONANCE @ Subculture, Leeds UK
02/12/06: Le Korrigan, Luynes, FRANCE
27/08/06: INFEST, Bradford UK
08/07/06: Slimelight, London UK
25/03/06: COMA 3 FESTIVAL Montreal CANADA
21/01/06: OSCILLATED FEST, The Cotton Club, Dundee, Scotland, UK
30/12/05: Legends, Manchester UK
24/11/05: TERMITE FEST Leeds UK
24/09/05: Slimelight, London UK
13/08/05: PROVIDENCE NOISE FEST IV , Rhode Island USA
29/04/05: DARK CITY , Edinburgh, Scotland UK
11/03/05: CONCUSSION, Leeds UK


16/03/06: SHORT CIRCUITS, The Media Centre, Huddersfield UK
04/06/04: Club Implant, Legends, Manchester UK
09/04/04: DARK CITY, Edinburgh UK

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