• Soundtrack of my life

    4 Dec 2009, 22:44 by Alexandraa__

    Credits: Living Together

    Waking Up: Nothin' Song

    First day of school: Rain Must Fall

    Falling in love: Do Me a Favour

    Fight's song: Out of Time

    Breaking Up: Perfect

    Prom: You Have Changed

    Life's OK: In My Life omg, this is my favorite Beatles song! <3

    Mental Breakdown: Devil in the Details

    Driving: I Want You

    Flashback: Deja Vu

    Getting Back Together: Light My Way

    Wedding: Open All Night

    Birth of Child: Someone Put Your Hand Out

    Final Battle: Ghost

    Death Scene: Iris

    Funeral Song: Wish You Were Here

    End Credits: Another Part of Me
  • Rock im Park 2003

    25 Nov 2009, 21:04 by Ciffi

    Fr., 6. Jun. – Rock im Park 2003

    Ursprünglich verfasst Ende 2003:

    Ich erinnere mich, dass der Entschluss, auf dieses Festival zu fahren in der Discothek 'Nachtschicht' in Hoyerswerda (gibt's die Bude eigentlich noch?) gefällt wurde, irgendwann im April 2003. Zumindest war die Musik an dem Abend so schlecht, dass man gar nicht anders konnte als sich mal wieder die volle Dröhnung Rock'n'Roll zu geben. Also entschlossen wir uns das Pfingstwochenende mal anders zu verbringen als immer nur mit Mutti. Eigentlich wollten wir vermeiden zu Rock am Ring/Rock im Park zu fahren (von wegen böser Kommerz und so, uuuuh) aber bei dem Line-Up (Metallica-Comeback, Deftones etc.) konnten wir einfach nicht Nein sagen. Von der Oma eines Kumpels liehen wir uns ihren Chrysler Voyager, in dem 6 Man gemütlich Platz hatten (wenn man davon ausgeht das man nicht noch die halbe Gartenlaube ins Auto packt). Wir entschlossen uns in der Nacht vom Donnerstag zum Freitag nach Nürnberg zu fahren um noch ein gemütliches…
  • Audioslave: Wrong Track Title = Mess

    27 Jul 2006, 12:17 by CrazyMaisy

    I was listening to the "radio" feature again and this critic must write about the Audioslave track "Light My Way".

    It played for me recently, on one of my "radio" stations from

    Look at the title of the track though, it's a real link, really streams too, isn't that great?

    Light My Wav

    This track isn't on any album ... doesn't connect it to one either.

    The REAL Title is:

    Light My Way

    This track comes from this album:


    I'm going to delete the "Light My Wav" track from my profile. It's a silly mistake and I don't want it there, and I dare say it's silly for the Audioslave charts, since if it was one song, it'd be all "nearer to the top of Audioslave charts".

    I know that meticulous tags are desired by many, and I find that mine are mostly alright, it's only "classical" stuff that blurs the lines for me usually . …
  • My very first mp3 mixtape! Woohoo! :P

    12 Jul 2006, 18:40 by holo17

    I don't know about the rest of you people, but I'm a huge mixtape fan. I just love compiling music in any possible way. And as nobody really listens to cassettes for quite some years now, of course I prefer to use a CD to compile my tracks. But now, time's arrived for another little "revolution".
    I just created my first mp3-only mixtape. This basically means running through my song collection, picking out the right tracks and putting them in the correct order into a computer folder. It can then be played in this exact order only.. :P

    So this first compilation's title is "Pivo in cvetje", literally translated as "beer and flowers", as it will serve the purpose of musical entertainment on our way to the festival of the same name in Laško, Slovenija. Check out


    1. Bulletproof Cupid
    The perfect opener. Fast, energetic, cool.

    2.Communist Moon
    For all of the wannabe communists among us. Brothers and sisters, I love you! :D