• Skyhooks

    28 Nov 2008, 15:02 by The_Weir

    Skyhooks is The Weir's first LP and like the title and cover art hint, it is an aspirational and fun record. The experimental compositions of his previous work continue with this record, creating the soundscapes for some truly talented vocalists. While uncompromising, Skyhooks is arguably his most commercial recording to date.

    The opening track Leave Me Alone combines the rich storytelling of Move.Meant’s Champ with Natascha Eleonoré’s sultry vocals to produce a soulful, dense slice of Hip Hop. Sticking with the measured pace, Run Before You Walk uses a funky wah wah guitar loop as a basis for a head nodding track of mystical proportions introducing ethnic flutes and choirs to back up Logan’s tough lyricism and Frank Costa’s cuts and scratches.

    The tempo ups a notch as Goodword comes in over a bouncy orchestral track. Positive Vibes is a critique of the violent nature of hip hop and harps back to the fun that used to be evident in the music. …