• Head Over Heels

    12 Oct 2007, 17:01 by Machine6619

    In love with these songs:

    One of a Kind by Atmosphere

    Modern Man's Hustle by Atmosphere

    Say Hey There by Atmosphere

    Damn... I'll add more soon.

    And, may I add, that the Everybody Loves a Clown Tour at the Venue on October 10.. fucking amazing. I didn't make it to the show until about 7:45 (I missed Luckyiam, but heard they weren't all that good), and showed up just in time for Grayskul. Pretty fucking amazing in my opinion; I'd never heard them before. Even though I should've bought it at the show, I'm planning on going out and buying their new album Bloody Radio today. Up next was Mac Lethal, who had a great voice and good rhymes, but was almost offensive and obnoxious. I can understand why he has fans, but I'm not one of them. Whatever, I won't go into detail. The only reason I was front and center for him is to save my place in The Venue for Atmosphere. Damn, I wish I had a more photographic memory, because they fucking blew my mind (as I predicted). …