• Asia - Phoenix 2008 review

    22 Apr 2008, 18:38 by Nachiro

    After more than 10 audictions of Phoenix, I've become very impressed on how the album continuously grown on me.

    I think the album has all the great stuff that an Asia fan could expect. All the members are very creative and motivated in all the songs, and the production of the album is really gorgeous, taking care on not removing the magic that characterizes the genuine Asia sound.

    Never Again
    It's easy how Asia sees their past. Born to be the first song. It starts very simmilar to Heat of the Moment, in fact, I think it's what they hope that would be. Also on the chorus it's very simmilar to True Colors of the second album.
    Howe's guitar, really sounds great here.

    Nothing's Forever
    Geoff's keyboard at the beginning and with Howe's guitar sounds very classic to me, like on the first album. Very authentic song. I mean, like in 82' but with a very different style.

    'The Ballad' of the album. A blood-brother of The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. John Wetton's voice is very impressive here!