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VS: What is your real name and how did you come up with your stage name?
Asia 4: Cardin Nguyen, Evan Le, Spencer Nguyen, James Nguyen.
VS: What was your birthday ?
Asia 4: Cardin Nguyen: November 11 - Evan Le: June 27 - Spencer: July 16 - James Nguyen: October 20.

VS: Where were you born and where did you grow up? What high school did you attend ?
Asia 4: Cardin - Saigon, highschool in Houston, TX - Evan - Detroit, MI - highschool in OC - Spencer & James - Da Nang, VN - school in OC

VS: When did you come to the US, where did you first live and where are you living now ?
Asia 4: Cardin - late 80's in Houston Texas. Currently residing in OC Evan - Born in Detroit, MI, currently residing in OC Spencer & James - OC

VS: Are there any musician(s) in your family?
Asia 4:Cardin - Father is musician/composer Dinh Huan

VS: How and where did you learn to sing ? Did you get encouragement from family?
Asia 4:Cardin - singing in choir

VS: When did you start your musical career and how?
Asia 4:Cardin - sent demo to Sy Dan at Asia (please refer to bio)

VS: Are you influenced by any kind of music or musician(s)? Vietnamese or Foreign? What type of music you love best?
Asia 4:Yes we listen to a variety of music: hip hop, rap, ballads, etc….

VS: What is your source of inspiration?
Asia 4:The people and things in our lifes, like love/hate relationships, etc…hehe…

VS: What was your most memorable performance ?
Asia 4:Carthage, Missouri 2001, there were 60 000 screaming fans, it was an awesome experience.

VS: Do you get involved with any other type of arts or performance outside of music ?
Asia 4:Evan - painting and drawing

VS: What kind of fan contact do you have ? Do you receive letter? Do fans come talk to you after concert etc. …
Asia 4:- fan mails (snail mail and emails), gifts…etc. - yes when we sell our CDs during concerts our fans come out and take pictures with us, etc

VS: How would someone contact you? Do you surf the Internet and if yes, do you have an E-mail address and can it be published?
Asia 4:We can be contacted via our website: http://www.asia4.net We have several areas on the website to submit your questions to the group or individually and as well as a feedback section to express your opinion on what we have done or what you want to see. We also check our fansbook and the Envisage forum frequently to see what the fans think of us.

VS: What do you like doing in your free time outside of singing?
Asia 4:We like to do things like other people our ages…hanging out with friends and family, movies, sports (basketball, baseball, golf, etc.), dancing…and of course sleeping…hehe..can never get enough of that.

VS: Any favorite food and drink ?
Asia 4: Cardin - Pho, anything sweet like Che Evan - Mi Ga Quay Spencer - Pizza James - Anything Italian

VS: Any project in terms on CD, video, concert in the next 6 months ?
Asia 4:We are currently working on our next solo album which will be finished and released by August 2002.

Our next video shoots is in May and we have several concert bookings all scheduled out for the next 6 months. Please check our website for the lastest news about what we are up to.

VS: Of all the places you have appeared for performance, is there any place you likes best and would like to go back ? And why ?
Asia 4:We like all the places we've performed at. As long as there are a lot of screaming girls, we are happy… hehe.. j/k…. and we wouldn't mind going back to those places again. We love our experiences in Carthage, Missouri last year ( Ngay Thanh Mau 2001)… It was an awesome experience.

VS: Any goals you want to accomplish in the future ?
Asia 4:To get the Vietnamese music to be recognized by other Asian American groups and to be recognized and appreciated for our hard work in getting there.

VS: Is your singing career a full-time career or do you have any side business ? How do you find the time, do you have to sacrifice anything to pursue singing ?
Asia 4:

Cardin - It is basically a full time career as well as going to College. I want to make a difference through my music.
Evan - College and singing
Spencer - Engineering and singing
James - Dr. of chiropractor and singing
It takes a good deal of time management to deal with everything going on in our lives. We have a fixed schedule though so we all try to keep it no matter what. For example, our practices are the same time and place 3 times a week unless one of us can't make it, then it will be cancelled.

VS: Vietnamese entertainers often have to endure untrue and malicious rumours. How do you deal with them ?
Asia 4:We don't worry about those. People can say what they want to say, we can't stop them. Only we and our close friends and families knows the truth. We just live to make the most of our life and don't get bogged down by untrue accusations. We don't have the time or energy to deal with every single comment and it seems if you comment back on something, there is always someone else to counter that…so basically, it's not worth it.

VS: We often heard about pirate CDs and Videos but we have never actually seen them. Is it really wide-spread and are you personally affected by it ?
Asia 4: We have heard about it but we encourage our fans to support us by purchasing the original CDs and videos.

VS: If you get to choose a partner to sing a duet, who would you like and why ?
Asia 4:We would like the opportunity to sing with many people. So far we have only done a duet with Trish in the song " I Never Knew".

VS: Please give us the names of 3 of your most requested and successful songs.
Asia 4:

Tell Me
Why Lie to Me
I Don't Need Your Love

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