• Ash - Twilight Of The Innocents

    3 Jul 2007, 05:07 by Silvarrr

    Given their past output, I think Ash are probably one of the best-suited bands out there for a singles-only existence. That doesn't mean I won't miss their album releases though, and I've been looking forward to hearing Twilight Of The Innocents.

    I Started a Fire was the first track I heard from their new album, when they posted a free download on their myspace in February. It's energetic, alt-rock, guitary - very Ash all round. It sounds like a single, and apparently was considered as one, but the band decided they wanted to give it away free instead as a sampler. I like that the fast pace continues throughout - for me, Ash tend to slip up when they try to do slower songs, so this was a good example of if-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it.

    You Can't Have It All was the next track I heard, and the first single released from the album. I like the bassline and the bursts of guitar; some of the riffing is pretty nice. The chorus is pretty catchy…