• 2008 \\ the music.

    12 Jan 2009, 21:51 by w0bbEL

    2008 \\ the music.

    What a year: School leaving examination, driving license (on second attempt albeit the first was better), first own flat (namely in a rooming house only, but the feeling is the same), first semester at college, a shared stage with A Wilhelm Scream (YES!), first semi-professional output of my band (begot next to nothing in terms of success, money and groupies, but it's a good record of course) and a Converge hoody plus an Isis hoody (YES!!!!). While the former happenings are somewhat ok but not life changing in any sense and of course not relevant for the topic this journal seems to deal with, the latter ones do a better job at hinting at the most important thing the year 2008 had to offer for me personally: music.

    While 2008 surely was no revolutionary year in music history (despite a new Guns N' Roses record), it's my personal highlight in terms of appreciating and also some kind of understanding today's music in all it's variety and aspirations. …
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    25 Sep 2006, 01:09 by bierce