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Arc System Works is a video game developer based in Yokohama, Japan. It was founded by Minoru Kidooka in 1988. Arc System Works is best known for its arcade 2D fighter, Guilty Gear and its sequels.

Games developed by Arc System Works:
Wizard's Harmony — (1995) (PlayStation, Sega Saturn)
Guilty Gear — (1998) (PlayStation)
Prismaticallization — (1999) (Dreamcast, PlayStation)
Tanaka Torahiko no Uru Toraryuu Shogi — (1999) (Dreamcast) — Japan only
Guilty Gear X — (2000) (Dreamcast, Game Boy Advance, PC, PlayStation 2)
Digital Holmes — (2001) (PlayStation 2)
Guilty Gear X Plus — (2001) (PlayStation 2) — Japan only
Guilty Gear Isuka — (2003) (Arcade, PlayStation 2, Xbox. PC)
Guilty Gear X2 — (2003)(PlayStation 2)
Guilty Gear X2 #Reload — (2004) (PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC, PSP)
Guilty Gear XX SLASH (Arcade) (PlayStation 2)
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (Arcade)
DragonBall Z Bukuu Tougeki (Super Sonic Warriors in USA and UK) — (2004) (Game Boy Advance)
DragonBall Z Bukuu Ressen (Super Sonic Warriors 2 in USA and UK) — (2005) (Nintendo DS)
Hokuto No Ken — (2005) (Arcade) based on manga with the same name.
Battle Fantasia — (Arcade)
Hoshigami Remix — (2007) (Nintendo DS) Remake of Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth.

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