• My top 20

    25 Dec 2006, 02:23 by w1bble

    Haven't done one of these before, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I was trying to think of how best to start, and I decided the best thing was to write a wee bit about the most played artists on my profile.

    So, in reverse order then:

    20 - LCD Soundsystem

    Polyrhythmic polemicists from NYC that I first became aware of when they played a Optimo at Glasgow's Sub Club. I've seen them three more times since, and they've never disappointed me - except for James Murphy abusing the crowd at All Tomorrow's Parties a couple of years back. Their first two singles, Losing My Edge and Yeah are probably still the best introduction to the band.

    19 - Four Tet

    Originally started as Kieron Hebden's electronic side-project from three-piece band Fridge (also featuring Adem), this project has ended up taking up most of KH's time. Influenced by folk and jazz music, and improvisational in approach, FT's gigs can vary significantly from one night to the next.

    18 - Prince