• Top 20 albums of 2009

    28. Jan. 2010, 3:41 von das_eisenherz

    I'm a bit late this year as I've been busier than usual at the end of 2009; nevertheless, here is my choice for the best albums from last year! Again, this is purely based on my taste and experience of these albums, though I do try to justify every choice ;) As I had published 2008's top albums in December, a few of the 2008 late releases could not make it to that list. I included them here as if they were part of 2009. I decided to be a bit more elaborate this time, after seeing the great job II666II did in his own list.

    20. Samsas Traum - 13 Jahre Lang Dagegen - Anti Bis Zum Tod


    Though Samsas Traum's latest effort is a good album (I don't think I could ever dislike anything by Samsas Traum), this is probably my biggest disappointment this year. I was expecting a lot more from Herr Kaschte, though I shouldn't have: he keeps reinventing himself, his band, and every album is a chance to try playing in a different direction, musically. …
  • Apoptygma Berzerk - You And Me Against The World

    8. Feb. 2006, 4:50 von das_eisenherz

    Second review: You and Me Against the World

    I must say I wasn't a huge fan of Apoptygma Berzerk in the past. I really liked some songs like Suffer In Silence or Until The End Of The World (yeah, probably their most commercial stuff). But the rest was maybe too purely electronic for me, I would only listen once in a while. Now, with this album, it's completly different. I know many fans of their older stuff dislike this album very much, as it sounds more mainstream. I can understand their reaction, but I personally do not think Apoptygma Berzerk made this change to gain more success, they have their hardcore fans and could live from it. More mainstream doesn't necessarly mean worse, as long as they keep their identity, something that makes their music unique. And one can easily say this is still APB, even though the songs' structures are more pop, with more guitar also. Anyway, let's get to this track-by-track review!

    01. Tuning in Again 6/10