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There are at least five artists called Antithesis:

1) Power/Thrash/Progressive Metal band from Ohio
2) Screamo band from Italy
3) Industrial Black/Death Metal band from Poland
4) Black Metal band from France
5) Long Island Hardcore Band (http://www.facebook.com/AntithesisHC)
6) Technical Death Metal band from Indonesia.

1) Power/Thrash/Progressive Metal band from Ohio author of "Antithesis" (1998),"Dying for Life" (2001) for Massacre Records and in 2010 self-released their new album "Dreaming Reality" with new singer Matt Adkins.

2) Italian Screamo band from Piacenza, Their releases include a self titled album, Split 7" with Khere and Split 7" with Cutting Pink With Knives.

3)The band Antithesis came into being in 2003 in Końskie in the Świętokrzyskie Province. The history of the group dates back to the time of the band called Lacrima Dei. After its break-up and a short pause in activity Antithesis appeared. After several months of rehearsals musicians entered the Digiart Studio in Końskie to register their first demo which was entitled „The Turning Point Demo 2003". Recordings took place in the lineup: Andrew - guitar, vocal, Martin - guitar, Pierzasty - bass, Młody - percussion. This material was not appropriately promoted by the band and in the result there were only several reviews in the underground press.

The next years were not very good for Antithesis. The band worked with intervals. It had difficulties with some musicians and with finding a proper place to play in. In 2006 the group was left by the bass player and some time later the guitarist Martin. Besides, Młody was forced to leave our fatherland and go abroad. Nonetheless the group did not lose neither the energy nor the fervour. It existed all the time, although sometimes with long half-yearly intervals. However, in spite of numerous difficulties new compositions were produced. Around this time Patryk (keyboard) who earlier played in Lacrima Dei joined the band and later the following musicians appeared: Aeon (guitar) and Penkal (bass). In 2007 the drummer once again emigrated during the summer. It resulted in the next period of stagnation but in autumn 2007 the matters began to move more quickly. The group played several concerts and started to get ready for the recording of the next demo. Unfortunately, at the end of 2007 the atmosphere in the group began to spoil what made two musicians - Aeon and Patryk leave it. Their leaving was caused by the differences on the musical background. For a short time Aeon came back to the band. However, after taking part in several rehearsals the differences in perceiving the further development of Antithesis made fruitful cooperation impossible. The band became a trio.

In this place several words on the kind of music played by Antithesis should be stated. For some time, musicians defined it as Black/Death Metal. However, this is surely a light simplification. Antithesis is a band which aims at breaking some limits and stereotypes as well as penetrating new musical areas. It is not about forced originality but aspiring to not copy schemata and to blend different, often opposed types of music. It is about experimentation.

The team played quite a lot concerts in such localities as: Radom, Kielce, Opoczno, Końskie, Pajęczno and many more with such bands as: Atrophia Red Sun, Mutilation, Crionics, Thy Desease, Nemrod, Nonsakrum, Brainwashed, Toxic Bonkers and other.

In June 2008 the band recorded new material which was entitled „The Spectacular Art Of Falling” and it contains seven compositions. Recordings took place in the Digiart Studio in Końskie in the lineup: Andrew - vocal, guitars , Penkal - the bass, Młody - drums.

In July 2008 Aeon (guitars) again joined Antithesis to help the team during concerts.

At present the group is working intensely on their new compositions, looking for a label and it is open for all concert proposals.

4) A sideproject by Kaiser Wodhanaz (Non Essence Genesis, Frangar, Eradication, The Call, Ad Hominem)

5) Long Island Hardcore band formed in November 2011. FFO: Buried Alive and All Out War. Demo coming out soon. http://www.facebook.com/AntithesisHC

6) Indonesian Tech Death Metal band was formed in 2010. They released their full-length album "Subjugator of Machine" in 2013.

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