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"Annie Bethancourt puts on a show that explains the difference between raw talent and deft technique. Or, rather, she inhabits both."
– Troy Johnson, Music Editor San Diego CityBeat

"…bluesy and raw. Her voice is angelic, and resonates the deep emotions in her songs. (she) has got a lot of talent on her lips and at her fingertips."

"a lucid mixture of Joni Mitchell and Fiona Apple that goes from hushed whispers, operatic heights, and then coal-walking wails, all within the same song."
–Seth Combs

i am a san francisco baby raised in the southern california sun, now with one foot in the costa rican pacific and one foot underneath the portland pines. i love everything about the ocean–more so when it's warm. i love writing short stories, even though i rarely finish any of them. i could eat fruit for every meal. i have a personal disdain for the term "let's hang out" used in place of asking someone for a date. i'm a pastor's daughter who loves god and still swears like a sailor sometimes. i read a lot, often several books at a time. i'm strong, i'm independent, but i'm consistently embarrassed by my uncontrollable crying in sad movies (i think i can't separate fictional characters from real people, just like when i read "the island of the blue dolphins" in the third grade and was inconsolable for weeks). i miss spain, and sometimes i imagine i'm back there. i love laughing, probably more than anything, although close seconds would be riding perfect glassy waves or being warm in pajamas. i lied–i love performing my music for people more than anything. i get along with my parents really well. i like things clean but i'm not necessarily always clean. i'm always making lists and plans, but i'm not necessarily organized. i love dancing but i have to be in the right mood. i will never, ever grow too old for bike riding. my cell phone is not my leash. i'm an independent artist who supports music file sharing but also supports supporting artists. i once had my eyebrow pierced. i don't wear lipstick. oftentimes i just like to be silent. if i could, i would always be barefoot. my brother is one of the coolest people i know. i'm stubborn, but i like to think i'm still open minded. sometimes i'm ashamed when i remember how i once was. i often find myself overwhelmed by the beauty in the world. i can't believe i get this life. i'm glad i'm here.

"Where can I buy one of Annie's CD'S??"
shucks, thanks for asking! You can get them:


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