• my playlist week 10 - girl power

    5 Mar 2007, 17:22 by samuelolsson

    starting this week, i will compile a play list every other week or so with certain themes. for the first one, i've chosen "girl power", maybe a worn out word, but as i now decided that i only will listen to music that is composed &/or sung by women this week, it felt quite natural.

    anyway, here it is!

    1. Fidelity
    got this song sent to me last autumn, but only listened to it a few times back then. not that i didn't like it, it just got lost amongst all the other songs i had to listen to. & so, a couple of weeks ago, my sister got reginas album, begin to hope, sent to her by a friend, & i really got into it, specially this song.

    2. allt jag vill ha (everything that i want)
    one of those amazing singers i have found by just buying a record i never heard about. ediths way writing lyrics is very similar to that of jakob hellman. collages of sounds, feelings, places & memories.

    3. Not Ready To Make Nice
  • Fun with shuffle!

    25 Jul 2006, 04:13 by hurdyblurdy

    1. Put your music player of choice on shuffle, and then write down 30 songs that come up and at the end of each title add 'In My Pants'.
    2. Laugh, or don't, it doesn't matter in this town.
    3. Pass it on and sign here.

    1. All These Things That I've Done in my pants.
    2. Got the Love in my pants.
    3. Through the Glow in my pants.
    4. Country Yard in my pants.
    5. Louis XIV in my pants. Well, he did get around..
    6. Live Wire in my pants! haha.
    7. Girls in my pants. :|
    8. Lucky You in my pants.
    9. Sunday Bloody Sunday in my pants. Ew.
    10. Proud in my pants.
    11. You Give Me Fever in my pants.
    12. Wild Horses in my pants.
    13. Tracey Gold in my pants.
    14. A French Love in my pants.
    15. The View in my pants.
    16. The Horror in my pants.
    17. Pocketful of Money in my pants. I wish!
    18. Cameltoe in my pants. HA, what are the odds of that song coming on??
    19. A Little Bit Of Shhh in my pants.
  • 2005 the best (and worst) new albums

    19 Jan 2006, 03:59 by paperboy

    The Best

    Du och jag döden
    (You and Me Death)

    Kent's sixth album, sung in Swedish, played to their strengths (melancholic, goth tinged, arena-rock) after the excursions in dance, soul and blues of their last upbeat, Vapen & Ammunition. So you’ve got Cure and New Order like bass lines underpinning Depeche Mode echoie guitar and synths with these huge soaring choruses which you don't understand (unless you speak Swedish obviously) but oddly enough it doesn't seem to matter. Add a couple of acoustic ballads and it's enough for anyone to get a Swedish to English dictionary out.

    Elliot Smith - Basement II Demos

    Not a true album as such, as only three songs have been officially released (on the Thumbsucker soundtrack) but even posthumously, this internet only collection of acoustic demos was better than majority of “official” albums. Alternately dark, stark, angry and beautiful it is slightly overlong but the first 10 tracks and the covers of Big Star's Thirteen and a…