• Concerts Quiz Returned

    28 Apr 2007, 11:43 by cheezus69

    What was the last concert you attended?
    Sugababes last month!

    How many people were there?
    erm, NEC can hold 11,000 I think... so I shall say 10,000!

    What bands have you seen in concert the most, and how many times?
    seen McFly 7 times now, n met them once... quite lame, hehe...

    Do you have any set lists? From what bands?
    no, however, I did steal the poster from McFly that said we was being filmed for their new video, hehe...

    Are there any CDs in close proximity to you? Which ones?
    hehe, most of my CDs are in my unit next to me... other ones are under my bed...

    What band are you in the mood to see live right this second?
    hmm!... dunno!

    Have you ever been on a tour bus?

    Have you ever partied with a band?

    How many states/provinces have you been to concerts in?
    Wolverhampton, Birmingham, London, Sheffield, and Glasgow!

    What bands did you see live the month of May?
    errrm, May last year, I saw Darren Hayes, Girls Aloud and Fall Out Boy...

    What CD are you addicted to at the moment?