• My Favorite Albums of 2008

    17 Feb 2009, 17:56 by phrank14

    Yes, I know it's late but I've been busy. So sue me. I'm not a critic, nor do I claim to be. These are simply the albums I've enjoyed the most over the last year. Here they are!

    10. In The Ever - Mason Jennings
    I first heard him at This Tent (or was it That Tent?) at Bonnaroo '08 and remember dancing like a little boy to Soldier Boy This album showcases a great new talent that is both endearing and humorous. It's hard not to laugh along with the audience in Your New Man
    9. Red Letter Year - Ani Difranco
    This one is very much a departure for Ani, as she does away with much of the percussive guitar playing that has become her trademark. Instead, she incorporates a variety of instruments and textures which blend together for what is, surprisingly, one of her most cohesive album in years. Emancipated Minor is profoundly funky and Smiling Underneath is a sultry ode to mellowing with age. Interestingly enough, it works brilliantly.
    8. Day and Age - The Killers
  • minor review: RED LETTER YEAR - ani difranco

    1 Oct 2008, 03:55 by pulloverpanda


    I just purchased Red Letter Year, and I've listened to it a few times through already and here's what I thought:

    I won't say much, because I just got it, but I have to say, this is an EXTREMELY joyful album for Ani DiFranco! It's the absolute companion to 2006's Reprieve, which was decidedly moody, thoughtful and contemplative, while this more fun, more upbeat group of songs balances that set out perfectly. This is an optimistic album, and I totally think it's cause of her new motherhood, at least partially :] Don't get me wrong though, the album still tackles some thought-provoking issues, but nothing as dark as Hello Birmingham or earlier work like that. It's also a nice blend of old Ani style/lyrics with new Ani sound and maturity.

    A must have for anyone into folk, regardless of if you're into Ani DiFranco or not, I highly recommend you check this out. Old Ani fans who weren't so into Reprieve may even find something to their liking on here. …