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    31 Jan 2011, 03:14 by j3hdy

  • Ratings of all Angelspit tracks!

    13 Feb 2010, 23:21 by FashionistState

    Got the inspiration from jeff2007's ranking/ratings of albums, and since I'm rating tracks, I'm rating them out of 10. I'm not counting remixes by Angelspit or for Angelspit - only their original tracks, and just because it's easier the tracks are in original order. Only one song will get 10/10 on each album, because that avoids a bit of my mad fangirlism. I'll give reasons for my highest rated and my lowest rated - the lowest rated after, if any, one of those totally random instrumentals.


    Nurse Grenade

    1. Maggot - 8/10
    2. Fuck Fashion - 7/10
    3. Head Kult - 9/10
    4. Infect - 10/10
    Reason: The melody is so haunting; it manages to be heavy and atmospheric at the same time...
    5. Meat - 6/10
    Reason: It's not one of the most unique Angelspit tracks... I don't care much for it, I'm afraid.
    6. Nurse Grenade 9.5/10


    1. A la Mode, a la Mort - 8.5/10
    2. Vena Cava - 9/10
    3. Elixir - 8/10
    4. 100% - 6/10
  • Angelspit - Hideous and Perfect [Review]

    6 Sep 2009, 02:59 by MonoOverload

    Angelspit are one of my favourite bands, I always love the level of detail and experimentation in their work, and thankfully Hideous And Perfect keeps up this tradition and provides us with what I consider to be their most obscure record thus far.
    Known for being somewhat dark and brutal, Hideous And Perfect takes everything you have come to welcome from the Australian duo and multiplies it by 10. Prepare yourself and your eardrums for some serious punishment, this album does not pull any punches!

    Opener, Ditch The Rest, is a more typical affair, and would have sounded very much at home on Krankhaus (which can’t be a bad thing) It opens with a lovely synth and bouncy riff, the kind that lets you know that this shit HAS to be Angelspit! Cue DestroyX… venomously spitting the lyrics at you. The song builds slightly to a rather electronic chorus fuelled by a distorted guitar. Already, it is noticeable that they have paid more attention to instrument experimentation and song arrangement this time…