• Concertverslag: Angels & Airwaves

    23 Apr 2008, 21:58 by Xurk

    Sun 20 Apr – Angels & Airwaves, Di-rect
    Ik weet nog goed toen ik Angels & Airwaves voor het eerst hoorde, begin 2007. Toegegeven, ik was er laat bij, maar op de één of andere manier kreeg ik niets mee van nieuwe bands na de break-up van blink-182... Tot ik een clip zag op MTV van +44 en dacht dat ze weer bij elkaar waren! Al snel realiseerde ik me dat de band zich gewoon had ogpesplitst in twee verschillende bands met verschillende sounds. Nóg later weer kwam ik erachter dat Tom en Travis al eerder een projectje hadden lopen, namelijk Box Car Racer. Onder welke steen had ik geleefd?
    Maar goed, terug naar Angels & Airwaves: de eerste keer dat ik het album We Don't Need to Whisper had beluisterd, was ik nog niet verkocht - het was muziek waar ik even aan moest wennen en een tijdje prefereerde ik de muziek van +44 omdat dat iets dichter bij Blink-182 zat. …
  • ♥ Lovesongs ♥ - Part One

    4 Jun 2007, 16:37 by Triliader

    Now, after some years of listening to music and more and more finding my tastes I thougt I'd try to share my most loved Lovesongs, probably the most beautiful type of music in my opinion.

    There's no real ranking, i'll start with my recent favorites though, this being the first part. Amount of coming parts open. =)

    ...And Then I Kissed Him by Hans Zimmer
    I'm totally overwhelmed by this song, it's part and the highlight of the classical soundtrack to the movie Pearl Harbour. It's playing in the last night before the "hero" leaves the girl for unknown time, this is tragic-melancholic romance in its perfection.

    With Eyes Wide Shut by blessthefall
    This song may be an outsider, it's even almost the least listened Song on their newest Album. It's Melodic Soft Vocals with a lot Electronica and Drum Computer as far as I can hear. It's simple and damn I like it so much. The Lyrics are simple, but so meaningful... listen to it yourself. It's worth it.

  • Guess That Song!

    24 Feb 2007, 18:22 by myhartisblue4u

    Step 1: Open up whatever MP3 program you use and add every song in your collection.
    Step 2: Put it on random.
    Step 3: Post the first line from the first 30 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
    Step 4: Post and let everyone guess what song and artist the lines come from.
    Step 5: Strike the songs that someone guesses correctly.
    Step 6: Looking them up on any search engine is CHEATING!

    1. I'll be your distraction.

    2. Guess who's back.
    The Real Slim Shady

    3. Prom is coming up.
    Jesse But Nothing...Go To Prom Anyways

    4. I made this bed, I choose to lie in it.
    Walk Away (Maybe)

    5. Yea it's what I've become that I fear the most.
    Death Trend Setta

    6. This is the first thing I remember.
    Stockholm Syndrome

    7. Now we're broken on the floor.
    Stab My Back

    8. I'm the son of rage and love.
    Jesus of Suburbia

    9. Felt too much did she feel a thing?
    She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

    10. Put the knife on the table.

  • My top 10 favourite bands

    18 Jun 2006, 03:45 by Nobodylikesyou

    Death Cab for Cutie

    It wasn't until recently I found how much I really really liked this band. I first heard them just last year, with "Soul Meets Body". I fell in love, and soon after got "Transatlanticism" off a friend. I spent days on end listening to it, it's just a fucking brilliant album. Plans and We Have The Facts & We're Voting Yes are both also amazing. Couple of weeks ago I spent an entire day listening to all of their music I had over and over and over. Favourite songs: Title & Registration, Transatlanticism, Tiny Vessels, No Joy in Mudville, What Sarah Said, Crooked Teeth and A Lack of Color

    Angels & Airwaves

    Of course I was going to hear about this band sooner or later, being a pretty big fan of blink-182. I first heard their music late one night on Triple J, I do believe it was The Adventure. It was amazing! It was like a mix between U2 and Pink Floyd fronted by Tom DeLonge. I think their music is pulse-racing, ambient, different, powerful and very anthemic. …
  • Some air'd be good for you.

    2 Jun 2006, 23:09 by enderu

    Now that summer is here (for those in the northern hemisphere), many of you will undoubtedly be wondering how you can enjoy the warm weather and free time. I suggest this: join me in my pursuit of knowledge pertaining to linear algebra and differential equations for two hours every weekday for the next two months. Sweet, I'll see you there.

    But really now, summer classes suck. I'll be spending 1+ hours in transit every day (thankfully avoiding morning and evening rush hour). Normally this would suck, but I actually look forward to it thanks to the time it gives me to tune out the rest of the world. Anyway, the point of all my rambling: my list of the best songs to turn up far too loud with the windows down driving on the freeway on a beautiful summer day:

    Every Town Is Jamestown
    Summer just seems acoustic to me, so this song is a must.

    Paperthin Hymn
    I'm a fairly new fan of anberlin, but they're quickly becoming a favorite of mine. This song is my favorite off their Never Take Friendship Personal album.
  • Live Show: Angels & Airwaves - May 5, 2006

    8 May 2006, 17:35 by Syn_Zero

    Angels & Airwaves was in San Francisco at the Great American Music Hall last Friday, as part of their US tour to promote the release of their debut album, "We Don't Need To Whisper" (released May 23). Although the show sold quickly when tickets when on sale back in March, I managed to snag two tickets on eBay, and even though I know I overpaid the experience turned out to be well worth it for me.

    The venue itself was incredibly small, and was only really big enough for maybe 200-300 people on the ground level; I'm not 21 yet, so I couldn't check out the bar area on the second floor, but I doubt it's really that big. Still, for only my second show in a small venue (the first being a New Found Glory show at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz last spring) it was pretty nice and comfortable.

    The opening band was a five-person rock band from San Diego called daredevil jane. They played a set of maybe five or six songs, all fairly generic and similar in my opinion, but not at all that bad really. …
  • We Dont Need To Whisper

    27 Apr 2006, 03:47 by rememberhisname

    I recently heard that this album by Angels & Airwaves got leaked. So I got it, and have been listening to it for like two days. It was less than impressive the first couple of listens. But the more I listen to it, the more I like it. It's not really life changing like Tom DeLonge really seems to think, but its still good. It has so much shit going on, the production is ridiculous. Too bad its highly derivative of U2. It seriously sounds like the edge was playing guitar the entire time. Ill probably still buy it, because some of the songs quality are shitty. What does everyone else think? My favorite tracks are Distraction and It Hurts.