• The Jazzy Night

    2 Apr 2006, 06:19 by Korosuke

    So, I was talking with this girl the other day and after a few jokes about going to an art gallery to make fun of artists (I hold a big grudge against big-mouthed painters), she mentioned she was going to a concert with a friend.

    Other than Us3 and Snoopy, I know nothing about Jazz. Intrigued, I teased her a little and ended up going there with her.

    Thank god Asappi, my bestest friend, went too. She arrived like 40 minutes late! Girls are just evil, evil.

    Anyway, it was great! When we were not laughing at some silly joke, I were just amazed by the high quality of (most of) the musicians performing (Unfortunately she knew her stuff and pointed out lots of mistakes that went ignored by the uneducated ear).

    The musical high note for me was Dixieland, a local band of 7 mature musicians who played 30's Jazz. Just awesome.

    The host was also very funny. 2 different Saxophonists played one after the other. When the last one finished he steped up and said "And now a threesome…