• Anekdoten @ Stazione Birra in Rome,May 17th 2008

    21 May 2008, 23:02 by proggirl

    Sat 17 May – Anekdoten

    Well,after a long awaited time to seeing Anekdoten,finally I can say they are one of the best prog/rock/psychedelic bands ever,after Pink Floyd and King Crimson,obviously...

    As somebody told me before the concert...We were in front of one highlight concerts this year, so far.

    After a long trip in train and an even longer walk to find the venue (Stazione Birra) that was a really nice venue and well assorted with beers and food,but it's so hidden and hard to find if you weren't there before ...This club has been stage for most of the best concerts in Rome.

    The place was almost full and the concert started at the 10:00 PM more or less.

    The host of the concert said before the guys started to play,that they had a long trip from France until Rome on a boat,then they've lost in Rome and finally they had some problems to find the venue.Oh well...I didn't was the only one at last,hehe.

    I've met there some of my friends. We had some drinks,some chat and talked about our expectations about the concert. …