• Now it's Overhead - The Aftermath

    23 Jan 2007, 17:29 by Calenlad

    First of all: I take everything back!
    Their concert on Sunday was just brilliant!
    It was a very small club (The Forum in Bielefeld once again rocked!) and the atmosphere was really nice and cosy.

    Andy LeMaster has one of the most beautiful voices in the world and he seemed so shy and really sweet! I don't think I ever heard someone in a band say "thank you" that many times on one evening!
    Thank YOU, Now It's Overhead for this wonderful night!

    Still I don't really feel the need to listen to them actively at home... it seems to me like there are two N.I.O. , the wonderful live act and the not particularly interesting "cd band". If that makes any sense to you...

    I'm always willing to change my opinion again!