• Song Of The Day - 29 Sep 2008: Black Horsemen

    1 Oct 2008, 02:20 by sablespecter

    King Diamond / Black Horsemen / Abigail (9) / Jun 1987

    As autumn is upon us, and we finish September and head into October, 'tis the witching season for me: my personal peak season for the heaviest of metal! All this week, I'll be highlighting a few of the most defining tracks from , and more recent offshoots of and !

    To Denmark for this selection. I should perhaps choose something from Kim Bendix Petersen's original band, Mercyful Fate, particularly from black metal classics Melissa or Don't Break the Oath. But I've opted for something from the highlight of King Diamond's solo band since that seemed to be the release that brought him the most widespread appeal and success. (You couldn't listen to Z-Rock* back when this was released and not hear plenty of King Diamond.)

    The difference in King Diamond versus Mercyful Fate is subtle: while the sound is not too different, the content is more about horror and the supernatural & black spiritual world, as opposed to direct Satanic focus. …