• Andy Dick as Harlan McCraney, prezidential speechalist

    4 Oct 2006, 00:36 by rochester92

  • My SXSW 06 lineup

    3 Feb 2006, 21:24 by pinchegringo

    I just went through the 06 SXSW festival lineup to see which of the 1100+ bands playing I have any interest in. Many of these I have just heard of quite a bit, but haven't checked out yet, albums or live. Any opinions on which of these I should check out or if any particular group is great live?
    I will most likely not see the Arctic Monkeys(whom I have not listened to yet) as they have a ridiculous buzz and it will surely be near impossible to get into their show. If you don't know about SXSW, there are 1100+ bands that play in Austin, Texas over 4 nights. Many(mostly punk or rap) play for 15 or 30 minutes, while probably most play for 1 hour. In recent years it has become too popular and is pretty difficult to get into many shows because almost all shows are played in really small clubs. So, many of these acts will play at the same time in different clubs, which always happens and always sucks. But if I see even 8 or 10 of these groups, I'll be doing pretty well.