14 Dec 2009, 19:55 by ebcommunity

    For our final issue of 2009, Electronic Beats Magazine celebrates the last ten years of music, art, fashion and culture. Hitting the streets on December 14, our Back To The Future issue celebrates the decade of Radical Nature, Art Ecosystem, as well as the era when fashion went from NuRave to NuGrave. With global urbanisation peaking, our Search For The Ideal City is most definitely on. Find out what this might mean for the cities we so know and love…

    Meanwhile, the Illustration Revival is in full swing and we have the pictures to prove it! We also sit down for chats with James Holden, Air, Terry Gilliam and Peter Jackson, to name but a few, and get their thoughts on the decade that was and the decade that is yet to be. Andy Blake and Milo Smee of the now-defunct Dissident Records join Fuck Buttons, Drums of Death and other fresh talent in ringing in a new era of optimism. It was also high time to head back to the place where the decade inarguably began. Let’s just say New York City is ripe for rediscovery!