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Anal Mandica is Croatian metal band, often making jokes of metalheads and their "true" attitude.

The band Anal Mandica was formed in 2004. in Đakovo, Croatia. In fact, everything started one day when band members decided to take revenge on their dear friend in a pretty weird way. Being nice and peaceful guys as they are, not willing to get into fights and similar things, they decided, instead of beating sense into him, to solve their problems by a song. To insult someone's mother through songs and to publish them on the Internet, seemed as a pretty decent payback way. So it was. To make things interesting, people who heard them, liked the songs, and their comments and praises made band keep on working and make more insults, curses and senseless words that would later be made songs. Soon, there was enough material to make a whole album.
So the first album came to be, if you can call it an album, because it was taped by a primitive method, with only one speaker, while the drums were computerized via PC. It contained 34 songs, mostly parodies to the local and foreign hits ( mostly rock and metal) of the scene, developed in a specific way, and beautified with pretty naughty texts. Such an approach caused disgustment from one side, and a bunch of positive thoughts and comments on the other. At this time, the band received a third member, drummer Krešo. Soon they started rehearsals, so the band, after a few rehearsed songs, played in local bars.
As the number of the songs and interest of the public in such sort of music grew suddenly, on summer of 2005, the band members begin taping a new demo. This time it was a much more serious approach, the biggest difference being that all of the songs were now author copyrighted. Secondly – the focal was no longer the famous Mandica, mother of the boy from the beginning of the story. Now the guys from the band took aim on uniformed teenager subcultures such as punkers, hippies, metalheads and others, and their attitude on music and life in general. Of course the vocabulary was still vulgar, but in a much lesser manor. To be honest, it was not many different from a normal teenager's vocabulary used every day. Sadly, the production was not improved.
The second album was a huge boom on the underground scene. Songs such as "Ville Vallo" and "Sayana" became real hits among certain people, and after the public release of the album, there was a big increase in bands with similar characteristics ( Traktoroth, Testisment etc.) so we can say that Anal Mandica is the originator of a new underground metal style, if you can call it metal.
Hard work, playing in local bars and constant flow of ideas resulted in a third album at the beginning of 2006. Unlike the first two, the third album was productionally more shaped up, and it contained 12 songs, potential candidates to become real hits some day. Although it is new, praises come from all sides. Besides, the band finally has a bassist. After resigning to being a guitar player in Lyruss, Pepa joined Anal Mandica as a bassist.
They are awesome!

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