• Psytrance 2010, #1

    7 Feb 2010, 19:14 by Praetorianer

    New year, new recommendations.

    Over the liquid waves of space, floating towards some distant constellation, we have discovered a tale of ancient sounds, secret to mankind so far. Two space travellers will meet you with a magic story of time and space, and take you on a journey through the higher states of Goa trance.

    That's what the label has to say about the new VA, which basically tells you, what to expect: 10 tracks, clocking in at about 78 minutes, packed with Goatrance goodness.

    One of the first compilations of the year 2010 is Goatronika, compiled by Imba, mastered by Digitoxin and released on Phototropic Records. The cover art has been done by Imba and John Spanos from Radical Distortion. Radical Distortion, whose 2009 album Psychedelic Dreams has been a massive hit, kicks off this VA of Goatrance goodness with Analogue. The first half of the compilation features well known artists, being Space Elves (remixed by equally well known Jikooha), Alienapia, Sky Technology and Amithaba Buddha.