• Listening to music is an art.

    19 Jun 2008, 07:39 by SoSheSews

    I have vague peculiarities about selecting the appropriate music to listen to while I'm doing stuff around the house. I thought it might be kind-of neat to divulge all those thoughts here in a blog. Plus, it's late and I am looking for distractions... oh, Brooke, you night owl.

    So, here are some of my selections in correspondence with the activities which one could often find me doing in my tiny apartment...

    Washing the dishes:
    Washing up is kinda cathartic for me. I like to listen to something which is both soothing, clean-sounding, and upbeat all in one. A Flock Of Seagulls could not be more perfect for this activity.

    Taking a bath:
    Contrary to popular belief, taking a bath does not necessarily have to entail smooth jazz or Italian Opera. When I was just a budding teenager I used to listen to The Ocean Blue on a tape whenever I took a bath. It made me feel underwater and I liked that. But, I also find that The Pixies will create the same effect with a little more ooomph to get me energized in the morning…