• art=music=art

    18 Apr 2006, 16:34 by jemmy_chaos

    sooooo.... tate modern's having this big re-hang whereby they try to make up for having a bit of a neff collection by dividing it up into themes rather than historical periods. I wouldn't get too excited about this if you've ever been there before as it's likely to mean them just doing what they usually do, and moving works from one end of the building to another.

    HOWEVER they are putting on loads of cool events to celebrate, best of all: Monolake, Alva Noto and Ryoji Ikeda all playing for half an hour each on Monday 29th May. Which is - oh thank god - the monday after my boyfriend finishes his finals so I actually get to go! hurrah!

    this almost makes up for missing, as it seems I probably will, that excellent festival of electro-accoustic music at the ICA with Philip Jeck and The Lappetites, amongst others. An excellent line-up, on inconveniently the weekend before his finals. I know only a small percentage of the country are students but surely they must be a large enough percentage…
  • [Highpoint Lowlife] April 2006 news

    3 Apr 2006, 16:35 by sideb0ard

    Highpoint Lowlife newsletter / April 3rd 2006


    Ouch, i hurt so much! Word of advice if you start or run a label...
    don't move house very often! Carrying all them boxes of CDs and vinyl is back-breaking! Nicely settled into a new Hackney mansion though, and all unpacked in a rather more spacious environment.


    Looking ahead through April, we have another great month for you, with a load of live gigs, releases and free downloads for you..

    Our two latest releases, Fisk Industries 10" EP '77 And Rising' and Izu's 'Going Salamander' should be hitting stores this week or next. '77 And Rising' is also now available via all good download stores, with Izu following in the next few weeks.

    Couple of new reviews have come in:

    Fisk Industries / 77 And Rising
    "Crunchy breaks power the opener 'Reflection' with writhing groans imbuing the song's glimmering core with brooding ambiance while…
  • Paradigm Shift radio show playlist for 13/3/06

    13 Mar 2006, 08:08 by sebsnarl

    Luke's away in the USA at the moment so you've got to put up with just me for the next few weeks.

    Tonight we start off with an oldie from The Orb before heading to North Africa with Nass El Ghiwane, a track recorded in Occupied Palastine for Gemma's Club Arak mix CD, then Filastine who's debut album has just come out on dj/Rupture's Soot label. Then its on to some weird woozy lo fi electronics, some minimal ambience before ending with some jazz and prog.

    The Orb - Towers Of Dub (Big Life)
    Nass El Ghiwane - Iasaj [10 Classics] (bootleg)
    DJ Gemma - Baladi - (Club Arak)
    Filastine - Quémalo Ya (Soot)
    Nightmares on Wax - African Pirates (Warp)
    Paavoharju - Valo Tihkuu Kaiken Läpi [Yhä Hämärää] (Fonal)
    Black Moth Super Rainbow - Lost Picking Flowers In The Woods (Graveface)
    Nathan Fake - Charlie's House (Border Community)
    Beak - Yellow Hat (MTK136 net label)
    Wisp - Stubby Nubs (Earstroke net label)
    Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Duoon (Raster Noton)
    Loscil - Biced (One net label)
  • Sound Installation #35L - London 25-26 02 2006

    28 Feb 2006, 23:28 by FinnN

    Hmm, well a bit late with my weekly Sunday journal but I do like to live life on the edge! This week I'm going to outline the way I enjoy listening to glitch and other genres at the more extreme end of abstraction and minimalism.

    Last week I brought up the artist Asmus Tietchens as part of my journal, now to be honest that's probably a bit too abstract for me to genuinely enjoy but there's plenty of things that go beyond what you normally find in IDM that I can appreciate. How does one go about tackling music that most people find has nothing in common with what they enjoy? Obviously the answer is going to be very individual just like with any music but maybe this'll strike a chord with someone out there.

    Some years ago, something like 9 or 10 years, I went to an electroacoustic concert billed as some sort of multimedia event. In reality it turned out to be some badly filmed out of focus footage overlayed with the sounds of running water and chains being dragged over a floor and dropped. …
  • Cyclic Defrost Review Index (up to Dec 2005 and Issue 12)

    9 Feb 2006, 11:17 by sebsnarl


    See full hyperlinked index at


    !!! - Louden Up Now (Warp/Inertia) (Issue #008 (June 2004))
    13 & God - Self-Titled (Anticon/Stomp) (Issue #011 (May 2005))
    @c - V3 (Cronica) (Issue #009 (November 2004))


    A Gun Called Tension - A Gun Called Tension (Rogue/Inertia) (Issue #012 (September 2005))
    A Hawk and a Hacksaw - s/t (Leaf/Inertia) (Issue #009 (November 2004))
    A Silver Mt Zion - Horses In The Sky (Constellation/Inertia) (Issue #011 (May 2005))
    A-ux - Duotone (Sigma Records) (Issue #011 (May 2005))
    Accelera Deck - Pop Polling (Scarcelight) (Issue #011 (May 2005))
    Adult - D.U.M.E (Thrill Jockey/Inertia) (Issue #012 (September 2005))
    AGF - Language Is The Most (Quecksilber) (Issue #008 (June 2004))
    agf/Vladislav Delay - Explode (AGF/Inertia) (Issue #011 (May 2005))
    Ai Yamamoto - Euphonius (Outer) (Issue #012 (September 2005))
    Aidan Baker - Cicatrice (Dreamland) (Issue #008 (June 2004))
  • retour de paris, noto, jeck...........

    5 Feb 2006, 22:47 by greg10200

    samedi soir, beaubourg, 20.30
    pour commencer kangding ray (aka david letellier), un français qui bosse sur raster noton.... tres noton, clips, plich, des power book, un ecran enorme (en gros 6*15 m) avec des images reagissant en temps reel a la zik, tres bien, bonne mise en bouche, trois morceaux..........
    puis notre bon vieu carsten nicolai (aka (Alva Noto), un nouveau projet baptise "xerrox", et bien du noto abrasif, et oui, son granuleux.... avec aussi projection derriere lui, là des pointillés, grouillant, toujours en temps reel, avec des basses a vous faire sortir l'intestin grele....... alors là tres bonne surprise

    puis repassage par le 20ème (belleville), pour rejoindre nonoli; mymy et des potes a eux, pas mal le quartier, encore populo, mais bon on sent que le bobo investi les lieux...

    et nous voici arrivé au dimanche, MAC VAL......
    premiere bonne surprise : le musée était gratos (1er dimanche du mois), donc visite, de tres bons trucs (art contemporain. …
  • et bien on est le 31......

    31 Jan 2006, 21:02 by greg10200

    demain Tetes Raides..... ahahahaha
    et pis samedi Alva Noto...... c'est mieux
    et enfin Philip Jeck ...... et apres ça......... samedi d'apres, le 11 quoi, du punk........... et les vacances !!!!
  • 2005 Rewind: My Top 10

    18 Jan 2006, 15:41 by Staalvlaad

    1. Rhythm & Sound - See Me Yah

    2. Fennesz & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Sala Santa Cecilia

    3. Alva.Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Insen [Raster-Noton]

    4. Nine Horses - Snow Borne Sorrow

    5. Ryoji Ikeda - Dataplex [Raster-Noton]

    6. Alva.Noto - Transspray [Raster-Noton]

    7. Minamo - Shining [12k]

    8. Sawako - Hum [12k]

    9. Monolake - Polygon_Cities

    10. Ø - Kantamoinen