16 May 2008, 10:01 by Addicted2Melody


    Ok, so let's imagine someone new to trance, the type of person I euphemistically describe as the "outsider", has stumbled across PART 1 of this trance journal. They may now understand a bit better how trance works. Hopefully, it's dispelled a few myths. They may even be interested in giving the genre a try. But where the hell do you begin? While the concept is growing year on year within trance, the genre itself is not really based around the idea of the "artist album", so it's not just a case of getting a list of "reputable" trance producers and downloading their albums. Nor do I think it's enough to get one of the countless "best of" compilations that are released year on year as, despite the obvious stuff, they'll probably be missing material that has never entered the mainstream or been picked up on by the larger, compilation pushing labels. …
  • My personal trance top 50 ever

    19 Jun 2006, 08:55 by Antraetan

    Including hardtrance and such

    1. Deleriumft Sarah McLachlan - silence
    2. Cygnus X – superstring
    3. Paul Oakenfold – southern sun (DJ Tiesto remix)
    4. RMB – spring
    5. Tillmann Uhrmacher – on the run
    6. Citizen Caned – the journey
    7. DJ Astrid vs. Tommy Pulse – twinkle
    8. DJ Tiesto – forever today
    9. Minimalistix – struggle for pleasure
    10. ATB – don’t stop
    11. PPK - resurection
    12. Rank 1 – symsonic
    13. Dave202 & Phil Green - legends
    14. Deaz D – deaz ist der anfang
    15. Dave202 - destinations
    16. Sash! - equador
    17. DJ Shog – this is my sound
    18. Carlos – the silmarillia
    19. Jurgen Vries – the theme
    20. Pervading Call – no time to rest (ace da brain mix)
    21. Svenson & Gielen - twisted
    22. Yoji Biomehanika – hardstyle disco
    23. Evolver - evolver
    24. Mauro Picotto - komodo
    25. Dave 202 meets DuMonde – singularity 2005
    26. Sash! - adelante
    27. Beam Vs. Cyrus - lifestyle
    28. DJ Tiesto – lethal industry
    29. Marco V - recovered
  • MOS Hard NRG Tour 16-04-06

    18 Apr 2006, 18:35 by Lawnmower3000

    Normal I stay away from hard styles of electronica due to is constant reliance of anthems. So I went into hard NRG not expecting anything to terrific, but I was pleasantly surprised.

    Got there early for a change so I could see the local acts. I final got to see Jon Noonan play and he played well. He along with John Paul and Genesis play a set Start off with Zocalo and then moving in to harder trance sound as they progressed thorough there set. They mixed Love Theme Dusk in very well.

    Next up was SSB vs C-Boy who continued with the progressing in to harder tracks. Dropping F16 sounded awesome on The capital's sound system.

    Didn't hear much of Dr Willis set as I was exploring the other room and the bar. At this stage the rooms start to fill up. The turn out was a lot bigger than I expected. I thought Dizplay with Pendulum's pulling power would have everyone in town over at Metro's leaving Capital empty. But the turn out was just the right numbers, full but still room to move.